FSP AURUM PT 1200W Power Supply

FSP comes to us today with a brand new 80 Plus Platinum 1200 watt unit in the AURUM PT. Being their latest and greatest, they hope to make some headway in a market currently dominated by a few really strong players and a lot of not so strong ones. Let’s find out where this unit fits into the picture.

PRICE: $239.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

FSP and I have a long history. We go way back, indeed. Back in the days when there were few aftermarket power supplies to choose from before OCZ even entered the power supply business, FSP units were usually the first I recommended to people needing a decent power supply on a budget. I bought one myself. And nothing much really changed in all those years. On the high end, FSP started to slip a little; offering up the likes of the Epsilon design as competition against units like the server units PC Power and Cooling were selling directly to consumers. I saw this as a step backward for FSP at the time, especially when more and more manufacturers came out with designs that left the Epsilon in the dust, but that was just on the high-end units.

On the low end of things, FSP continued to do well. Those budget builds that needed an affordable, reliable unit? FSP was your power supply there.

But things have changed since then. Ever since the AURUM units came out, FSP is getting more serious when it comes to competing against the other high-end units in the market. Today, I’m looking at their latest offering in the AURUM PT 1200W unit.

AURUM PT. Beyond the limitation. Say… isn’t aurum Latin for gold? Kind of an awkward name for an 80 Plus Platinum unit, isn’t this?

As is the case with most power supplies, this one has features. Looks like FSP is still using those strange arrow-shaped ventilation holes, claiming they “allow aerodynamic.” I can’t speak to that one way or the other, because I’m not quite sure what they’re going for in that sentence. But they do claim it helps with airflow, so with me lacking any ability to test that we’ll have to take their word for it.

The rest of the marketing is pretty standard stuff for a high-end unit these days. Fully modular, single 12V, active PFC, quiet, big fan… all the usual goodies. I’m a little intrigued by that “E-Sync Remote Sensing” blurb… I wonder if FSP’s realized Seasonic’s key to flawless voltage regulation in the use of extra vsense wires, and has implemented their version in this unit. We’ll find out later.

Meantime, we have a box to unpack.

So far, I see a bag full of stuff, a power supply, a user guide, and a Shuko power cord. They must have sent me a European retail package.

The user guide is decent in that it has all the basic installation information in it, but is really lacking when it comes to specs. I’ll probably score on that later.

FSP actually sent me an extra power cord in case the one in the box turned out to be the Shuko, making them the only company to do that. I appreciate that.

I’m just going to assume that 14 gauge monster of a power cord is the one we get in North America with this unit, as the wire gauge of the European one isn’t adequate for 120V operation with this puppy.