EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2 Power Supply

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PRICE: $89.99 @ NewEgg
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And now comes the time when we take the unit apart. Remember I’m working off Tazz’ pictures, and the unit is not actually in front of me. I can’t actually tell you how many strands of wire are in the ground wire of the unit, or anything really specific like that.

Good – we have at least a ball bearing fan.

Yes, that’s a Super Flower build there. Looks like the Golden Green platform.

There is no line filtering to be found around the AC receptacle.

While Super Flower generally does the soldering well enough to pass muster with me, this time out the unit seems to have been passed over with mustard instead. There’s flux on some of the traces and some joints don’t have enough solder. That’ll be a scoring hit.

All line filtering is found on the mainboard. I see four Y caps, three X caps, and two coils.

The primary side heatsink. You can just see the PFC controller on the far right.

One of many 041N04N 12V output devices.

A single GBU1506 bridge rectifier is found near the spot where the surge suppression device would normally go. In a unit that wasn’t APFC, I would score against that. But since APFC does have a limited ability to deal with surges, I’ll let it go.

All capacitors I can see come from Nippon Chemi-Con.

Including the ones on the modular board.

Which, I might add, has the level of boardwork quality I expected to see on the mainboard.

We’ll end with this view, showing us that this platform does still have the ability to go multi-rail on the 12V outputs. I’ve never seen it configured like that, but at least it seems to have the ability.