Corsair HX750i 750W Power Supply

Corsair comes to us today bearing a new and improved HX series power supply, the HX750i. Taking the old HX750, upping the efficiency to Platinum level, and adding Corsair Link support, this promises to be a welcome improvement and update to the Corsair power supply line.

PRODUCT: HX750i 750W
PROD LINK: HX750i Product Page
PRICE: $169.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

I suppose I should really get this review started, but I’m not quite sure how. I could ask Hammer… he’s a man who always bragged about getting things started. But then, he was also a man who kept telling me I couldn’t touch stuff. “Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this.” Quiet, you, I’ll touch what I want to.

Like today’s review unit, the brand new Corsair 80 Plus Platinum HX750i. I’m going to touch this one for sure, and Stan Burrell is not going to stop me.

It’s been a little while now since Corsair started releasing power supplies that had a lower case “I” somewhere in the model name. First appearing with the AX1200i, and later expanding to the AX860i among others, this one extra letter indicated to you, the buying public, that the power supply in question was equipped to talk to your computer via the new Corsair Link software. While some lower end units like the RM850 were later allowed to also connect to Corsair Link, those units were lacking the interactive features that justified the little “I” at the end of the model name.

I, for one, am very interested to find out how many “I” features Corsair is letting this new line of units have. Certainly, there probably won’t be all the toys we saw with the high-end AX series units, but there should be something there for us. Perhaps some fan controlling is all we can do… we’ll have to see.

For now, we’ll get through some more box pictures. This one shows you some connectors and brags about a brilliant design. But is it a sexy design? A too sexy design? I’m too sexy for that question, right now.

Ah, there’s a fan self-test switch. That should allay some fears when the unit powers up and the fan doesn’t spin right away. The AXi units all self-tested their own fans, spinning them up to full blast briefly on power up, but I guess these HXi units make you do that yourself. No big deal.

Hand selected components. FDB fan. Corsair Link. These are things the box says the unit has. Time to unpack it, says I.

Ooh… artsy fartsy blue boxey woxey. No, I will not revise that sentence. I’m too sexy for that sentence. And no, I don’t do my little turn on the catwalk. I’m too sexy for the catwalk. So there.

Inside the box of black and blue, I found a power supply in a velvet bag, a power cord, a bag of modular cables, a bag of accessories, a warranty guide, a user guide, and a safety guide.

I’m only bothering to scan the user guide. It’s pretty well done… lacking in some of the more detailed specs like Silverstone always gives us, but that’s nothing that can’t be easily found at the Corsair site. I don’t mind saving paper as long as the manual is mostly complete. And it is.

The contents of the goody bag. Lots of zip ties, a case sticker, and some screws.