Seasonic X-Series 1250W (XM2) Power Supply

It’s been sometime now since I reviewed the original and completely mind-blowing Seasonic X-1250. In that time, Seasonic has worked hard to stay up to date and current in the marketplace. Today, I’m looking at the newest version of the X-1250, named the SS-1250XM2. How can Seasonic possibly improve on something that remains nearly untouchable in terms of performance? We’re about to find out.

PRODUCT: X-Series 1250W (XM2)
PROD LINK: X-Series Product Page
PRICE: $214.94 @ Provantage
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day to you, fellow power supply enthusiasts. Today, I have it in my head to look at another unit from Seasonic; their updated and perhaps even improved version of the X-1250. Why do I say “perhaps?” Well, it’s simply because back when I reviewed the original X-1250 it had absolutely mind-blowing performance unheard of from a big watt box like that one. Since then, we’ve come to expect that kind of performance from the folks at Seasonic.

And indeed, from here it appears that there is nowhere left to go. When you start getting units that can pull down better than 0.5% stability on all three rails, what’s the next step? So far, I haven’t seen too many units that have done 0% on any one main rail… I suppose we could start seeing more of those kinds of units. Of course, I would have to swap my DMM for one that has a third decimal place in that circumstance, just so I had the accuracy to keep up with things, but… I’m kind of rambling now. Let’s try to keep focus.

Seasonic gives to us today an updated X-1250. Let’s see if anything changes.

As always, there’s a lot of marketing on the packaging. Nothing we haven’t seen before from Seasonic, in this case. I like those dual copper bars… now the unit can get loaded twice as fast. Wait… reduce impedance? I think you mean “resistance,” Seasonic. Impedance is a function of AC power, which is the one thing we don’t want to see on the outputs of a computer power supply.

Moving on, we also find a load table and a few specifications on the box. I think I’ll unpack it now.

Yep, Seasonic boxes still like to smile at you when you open them out. I find the lack of teeth somewhat creepy, but not as creepy as… if there were teeth.

Inside the box, we have a power supply in a velvet bag, a user guide, a warranty info sheet with details on a 7-year guarantee, a nice thick 14 gauge power cord, a bag of modular cables, and a bag of goodies.

The user guide is excellent, incorporating just about everything you ever wanted to know about this unit. It stops just shy of Silverstone’s off the deep end level of documentation, but that’s ok with me.

Inside the goody bag, there’s a case sticker, some screws, quite a few zip ties, and two packages of velcro cable ties.