Seasonic Platinum 1200W (XP3) Power Supply

Seasonic has been on such an amazing roll these past few years. One after another, it’s been an amazing power supply after amazing power supply. But things can change, particularly in this industry. You’ve got to stay on your toes to stay on top of the game. Let’s see if Seasonic is still bringing the awesome as I test their new Platinum 1200W (XP3) unit.

PRODUCT: Platinum 1200W (XP3)
PROD LINK: Platinum Product Page
PRICE: $269.99 @ NCIX US
Price is at the time of testing!

Good morrow, peoples. Today, we’re all about the power supplies again at this here power supply review website. Our current victim up for a lengthy torture session comes from Seasonic. We’re looking at their latest and greatest, the Platinum 1200. This is a model that has been eagerly awaited for some time, and now that the customs people have finally let me have my review sample I’m going to check it out.

As always, Seasonic has the marketing department running wild all over the box. Patented DC connector panel. Dual copper bars. Ultra tight voltage regulation. Rippling abs and wooden personality.

No, wait, forget that last one… it’s a remnant of my viewing of Pompeii last night, wherein I could not resist the temptation to yell, “You emote nothing, Jon Snow,” at the screen every five minutes. But hey… it was good of that volcano to hold back on that pyroclastic flow until the very peak of its dramatic impact on the story could be felt.

Back to the box, it appears that Seasonic has updated the fan controller just a bit to have a temperature-based delay on when the fan shuts off again. I’m not sure I’m going to notice anything significantly different in testing, as I use static loads, but it does sound like a good thing to me for normal everyday computing when the load on the unit is bouncing around.

As is traditional for Seasonic, the marketing is repeated in more than one language. Here are seven more represented.

And we have some specifications on the box, too.

You know, I’m thinking it’s high time I unpacked this box.

And here we are – one unpacked box. We have a user guide, warranty info sheet, power cord, a bag of goodies, a bag of modular cables, and a bag of power supply.

Fresh out of my new to me scanner is the warranty sheet. This unit comes with a seven-year warranty, which is starting to become more and more prevalent on the high-end models. EVGA’s even gone to ten years, though you have to register their stuff to take advantage of it.

The user guide is huge, multilingual, and has everything you’d ever need to know about this unit printed inside. It’s missing a few of the less important specs, but I won’t hold that against it.

The goody bag comes holding some screws, some zip ties, some velcro ties, and a case sticker.