EVGA 500W (W1) Power Supply

Once in a while, it’s good to go off the beaten path and review the units that manufacturers won’t send us. Not too long ago, I blew up a Coolmax unit that proved that sometimes there is a good reason for not sending out review samples. Today’s test subject is a unit from EVGA simply branded as the “500W.” I’ve already reviewed the 500B, and it wasn’t too shabby. But what about this even cheaper unit with only 80 Plus standard certification? Can we trust our bargain builds to such a cheap unit? There’s only one way to find out.

PRODUCT: 500W (W1)
PROD LINK: 500W (W1) Product Page
PRICE: $39.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

“What’s up, man? Hey, yo, what’s up? What’s going on, here? Sick and tired of the 5-0 running up on the block, here, you know what I’m saying? Yo Snow, they came around here looking for you the other day.”
“Word. Buss’ it.”
Informer. Ya’ no say daddy me Snow me a-go blame. A licky boom boom down. ‘Tective man a say, say daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane. A licky boom boom down.

And with these immortal words, a young man named Darrin O’Brien exploded onto the dancehall scene in 1993. It didn’t take long for yours truly to become a huge fan, buying “12 Inches Of” at the first available opportunity. Now, a lot of people compare Daddy Snow to Vanilla Ice, but that’s really not a fair comparison to make. For one thing… wait, why are you guys yelling at me? Stop yelling and talk, so I can understand you.

You say I’m not reviewing a new Snow CD today? But that doesn’t make sense… look at the above picture. I’m reviewing the “EVGA” album by Snow, see? And about time, too… he hasn’t released a new one in a while now.

Oh… wait… just saw that part about the power supply on the bottom, there. Well, I guess I’d better shift gears into power supply mode, then.

Yes, folks, I am indeed reviewing a power supply today, the 500W from EVGA. This is the 80 Plus Standard precursor to the 500B I reviewed a while back. Why am I reviewing a precursor of anything? Well, it’s simple… this unit is still being sold today, and I thought it would be fantastic to see how it compared to the Bronze rated model.

See, once in a while, it’s good to find out what you’re getting when you buy random power supplies from the market, rather than relying on the manufacturer to send a review sample. We can’t afford to do that very often, because buying things costs money we never have, but there was some cash in the kitty for this guy and one other unit who shall remain nameless until I can get to him.

EVGA is still #1. Just like Daddy Snow. Who is, incidentally, related to the guy who plays Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys (they even did a music video together), so as far as I’m concerned he already has more street cred based on that alone than Vanilla Ice ever did. And I can say that – I’m a fan of both of them.

Inside yonder box, we find yonder things to remove from the box. Let me just unpack.

I found some stuff in the box, yes I did. A power supply, a user guide, a power cord, and some screws. Not bad for a forty dollar unit.

The user guide is basically just a sheet of paper. Here’s one side.

And here’s the other, as I try to figure out the best scan settings on my new to me Canon scanner I bought at a thrift shop for eight bucks. What what? What? What? What what? What? What?

Snap out of it, Wolfie… we’re doing Snow today, not Macklemore.

Next page, please, or I’ll licky boom boom down.