Antec TruePower Classic 750W Power Supply

It’s been quite a few years now since Antec debuted the venerable Truepower series of power supplies. One of the few consumer-grade units to offer independent voltage regulation back in the day, they were hot sellers for Antec for years. Today, I’m looking at the Truepower Classic 750W, which promises a freshly updated take on the series.

PRODUCT: TruePower Classic 750W
PROD LINK: Antec’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $124.99 @ NewEgg
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Happy Monday, all, and how are we today? I’ve decided to put my brain to work again today by reviewing a classic. A TruePower Classic, from Antec, that is.

The power supplies bearing this name have had quite a history. The first models called such came from Channel Well Technology, and quickly gained notoriety for a couple of reasons: incredible stability due to independent voltage regulation, and not so good long term reliability due to terrible Fuhjyyu capacitors. Antec eliminated the latter as a problem when the TruePower Trio came out, and the name has continued ever since using Seasonic as Antec’s OEM partner.

As always, the marketing on this here box is mostly found on the back. All the usual bullet points are here, though I believe Antec’s marketing machine kind of goes overboard at times. Usually, there is no such thing as “no load protection,” because this is part of the nature of today’s designs that use voltage regulator modules to pull the minor rails off one big 12V rail, for example. Indeed, I’m surprised Antec isn’t calling cable sleeving by some kind of “CableShield” moniker.

I do like that Antec continues to stubbornly fly in the face of all that “single 12V is better” nonsense started by PC Power and Cooling back in the day. When done properly, I maintain that it is THE way to go for larger power supplies. After all, you don’t take the circuit breakers out of your panel at home and install jumper wires instead, do you?

On this side of the box, we find a load table and some connector diagrams. Each 12V rail is rated at 35A, which should be plenty for a unit this size. I used to tell people to avoid these dual 12V units back in the day because there was never enough capacity on each one.

See, power supply makers always followed the rules set out by Intel at the time and capped each 12V rail at 18A with a 240VA shutdown point. That was never enough if you had a dual 12V design. Quad 12V at 18A each was usually fine if the connectors were distributed properly and the power supply was small enough in general. But dual 12V? Back then, the 240VA limit did no favors for anyone. So, they stopped adhering to that limit, and now here we are today with a dual 12V unit pushing a comfortable 35A on each one.

On this side of the box, we see that Antec has given this unit a five-year warranty. All the way back to the beginning, this is the warranty you got with a Truepower.

Inside the box, we find a power supply, product overview sheet, warranty sheet, some screws, and a power cord. Really basic stuff these days. I could have used at least some zip ties.

This would be the warranty sheet.

And this would be the overview sheet. Once again, Antec asks you to go get the manual from their website. Which is… a rather abbreviated affair that’s lacking in details like temp specs.

Not too big a deal though – the specifications aren’t unavailable. The product flyer at Antec’s site does have the operating temperature specs on it, so I can plan things out accordingly.

The power supply itself is done in that matte black I like so much. The original TruePowers’ were ugly gray units. Times have changed, though, and ugly gray doesn’t usually cut it anymore. I don’t really miss those days.

In this shot, we see that the unit is not modular in the slightest. That’s going to be a pain to work around come hot box time, and if I’m being honest would cross the unit off my shopping list. I personally have to have a fully modular unit in my rigs. Fortunately, that never seems to be a problem for this power supply reviewer. I just keep the ones I want.