EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 Power Supply

It’s Easter week, and children everywhere are enjoying handfuls upon handfuls of candy. I don’t have any candy to share with you guys, so I’m going to give you a look at another kind of treat from EVGA: the Supernova G2 850 watt unit. This unit promises to be even better than a chocolate overdose if that’s possible.

PROD LINK: 850 G2 Product Page
PRICE: $144.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Greetings, peoples, and welcome to yet another power supply review. Today, we will be looking at a new one from EVGA, the 80 Plus Gold certified G2 850 watt model. You may remember that we recently looked at the Super Flower Leadex Gold 750W model. In that review, I speculated that EVGA might be the first to the North American market with these units, and it looks like I was right.

Yes, folks, I’m Leadexing you down the garden path here today. We’re going to see if this platform remains consistent, now that it has been downscaled from the very impressive 1kW and up Leadex based models. More importantly, we’re going to see if EVGA’s implementation remains as strong as the larger units, or Super Flower’s own.

Like all power supplies, this one comes in a box with some marketing, and that marketing is pretty much the same as we’ve come to expect from these SF based EVGA units. The unit claims full power at fifty degrees. There’s a fan control switch to select between fully fanned and semi-fanless modes. There are such innovative features as “cables” and “warranties,” the latter being set at a lovely sounding ten years.

I’m not wasting a lot of time on the box today, as I’m writing this up on Easter and the chocolate bunny I found on the neighbor’s lawn is not getting eaten very quickly. Let’s get this unpacked.

Lots of goodies in this box, though sadly I don’t see any more Easter candy. I do see a pile of modular cables, a power supply in a cloth sleeve, a user manual, some velcro cable ties, a line cord, a cable bag, some screws, and a… what’s that thing under the line cord? We’ll find out in a minute or three.

Meantime, here’s the user guide. It’s thick, multilingual, and in full color. Plenty of specifications, too. I like it.

This would be our power supply itself. I love a fully modular unit, I do.

EVGA’s still going with that “Supernova” moniker, it seems. Yes, folks, you too can have a large exploding star inside your computer.