Super Flower Leadex Gold 750W Power Supply

Super Flower comes to us today with their Leadex Gold 750 watt model today. We’ve already seen that this platform is nigh unbeatable at higher power levels, but what about the low end of the scale? Will it turn out to be better or worse or the same? Let’s find out.

SUPPLIED BY: Super Flower
PRODUCT: Leadex Gold 750W
PROD LINK: Leadex Gold Product Page
PRICE: €119.90 @
Price is at the time of testing!

Say, I have a novel idea for an article. Let’s see what you guys think of it. Basically, the idea is this – I take a power supply, do a bunch of testing on it, and then present my findings in an article. What do you think, does this plan have legs? Yes?

Well, in that case… run!!! My ideas have grown legs! But as we are running for our lives from my obviously mutated ideas, we’ll take a look at this here Super Flower Leadex 750 watt unit.

We’ve seen this platform before, yes, but never at this power level. This will be a chance to see how this platform does when scaled down a bit.

I, for one, am excited to see this unit. At higher power levels, the Leadex platform has already gone for the throats of the competition and rather successfully. My fellow cryptocurrency miners are all over the EVGA G2 and P2 units because they literally are the best bang (not literally) for the buck out there for three and four video card rigs.

Now that we’re down at the 750 watt mark, this platform should be even more awesome. We’ll have to see. Meantime, I’ve provided a shot of the box in case you are itching to see some of the same marketing we’ve seen a thousand times before.

There’s more marketing on this side of the box. Unleaded green materials… is this a car? Did Super Flower send us a car by accident?

Ah, neat – it looks like we get the lighted crystal cube connectors again on the modular cables.

Let’s be done with the box now and get to some unpacking.

Looks like we get a power supply in a white bag, a bag of modular cables, some knurled screws, a user guide, and a… warranty card? Not sure about that one, it’s all in Chinese. It could be instructions on how to find the lost city of Atlantis for all I know.

Here’s the card now. You know, I’m going to just assume this is a simple guide to escaping a black hole in a starship made of cheese.

The user guide. Last time we looked at a Super Flower unit, it had an excellent manual full of details. This is not that manual. Instead, it’s the user manual I’d expect from them… a half-hearted attempt to cover many models with one book that has no specifications at all. Meh.