Corsair CS550M 550W Power Supply

Corsair has been in the midst of revamping their line lately, updating some of their budget-oriented offerings for things like higher efficiency and modularity. We’ve already taken a look at the new RM series, targeted at the silent computing crowd. In the CS series, we find Corsair aiming more for the budget crowd. Let’s get the 550 watt version of this new platform on the load tester and see what it’s like.

PROD LINK: CS550M Product Page
PRICE: $99.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Lo, another week has begun and I have yet another power supply on my review table today. Corsair would like me to take a look at the new bargain oriented modular CS550M, and I don’t mind doing it.

This unit is part of a push toward higher efficiency in the low-end models and is certified 80 Plus Gold.

We’ve got some marketing to get through right away, of course. Nothing’s new to us about this box panel. The CS550M supports modern rigs. The CS550M has modular connectors that help with cable management. The CS550M is highly efficient. The CS550M has a thermally controlled fan. All the usual stuff, plus some connector count graphics and a load table.

More compatibility info can be found here, as well as a graphic representation as to where this unit fits into the Corsair lineup of all units currently on the market.

Let’s call it quits on the box now and get this thing unpacked. I see a flash drive in there… wonder if that’s just for us reviewers, or for everyone.

As it turns out, the flash drive is a 16GB USB 3.0 unit with a detailed set of test reports on this very unit. I’m just going to assume it’s for reviewers only, but it would be pretty cool if every unit came with one of those.

I also see some modular cables, a warranty guide, a safety guide, a power cord, and a power supply. Not bad for a budget unit, but why not throw in some screws? Just about everyone else does.

Here’s the warranty guide. Tells you all about the warranty.

Here’s the safety guide. Tells you all about safety.

Like the RM650, it also asks you to go get the user guide from the Corsair website. But when I did, nothing of the sort could be found. In fact, the product page is even missing the link to the general PSU spec sheet we saw with the RM650. Sorry, Corsair, but you’re going to find this affecting the functionality score later.