Seasonic M12 II Evo 850W Power Supply

Seasonic is arguably at the top of their game right now. When it comes to the best of the best units on the market, their name springs instantly to mind. But what about the more value-oriented segment of the market? What if you can’t afford the latest whiz-bang 80 Plus Platinum unit? Seasonic would like to help you there, too, with the new M12 II Evo Edition 850 watt unit. This is a Bronze certified DC-DC regulated design that looks to not break the bank.

PRODUCT: M12 II Evo 850W
PROD LINK: M12 II Evo Product Page
PRICE: $119.99 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Hello again, good readers. What do you think, should we look at a power supply again today?

Alrighty then. Today we’ll be looking at yet another new unit from Seasonic, the updated M12 II Evo Edition Bronze. Or is that the Evo M12 II Bronze Edition? Or is that the Edition Bronze M12 II Evo? Or is that the New Edition Candy Girl?

No? Well, I’m almost positive it’s one of those.

As always, here’s some marketing. Nothing here we haven’t seen a billion times before, if I may be hyperbolic.

Looks like this unit has a full suite of protection circuits, including overtemp. Good.

I love me a fully modular power supply.

And there’s a list of specifications on this side. You know, I haven’t seen any indication about full power operating temperature yet. Maybe it’s in the manual.

Certainly, it’s not here. All we see here is the marketing goodness we’ve already seen in different languages.

Why… why is the box smiling like that? I don’t know if I trust this. It’s like it’s daring me to stick a finger in there so it can give me an epic paper cut.

I suppose I’m going to need to risk it if I want this review done. Here goes nothing…

Aha, no paper cut. Time to unpack the box.

Found inside the happy little box were a power supply, a bag of modular cables, some screws, a case sticker, a power cord, a warranty info sheet, and a user guide.

Here’s the user guide. No, it does not contain a full power temp spec or any other type of spec. All it has is a vague “operating temp from 0-50 degrees” notation and a list of connectors on the last page. Totally inadequate, as far as user guides go.

Fortunately, a quick email back to Seasonic HQ resulted in a full spec sheet for this unit. Your maximum operating temp at full power is forty degrees. Not fifty. You only get 680 watts from this unit at fifty, per the spec sheet. I would suggest to Seasonic that these spec sheets could be offered for download at their website, so people can still get the detailed data on them if they wish. Other companies do this, why not them?