High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

Today, we’re going to look at something we haven’t seen before in any incarnation – High Power’s brand new Astro PT design. Weighing in at 700 watts, this is the unit that recently won an award at Computex in 2012 for design and innovation. Let’s waste no time at all and find out just how innovative this little 80 Plus Platinum unit really is.

PRODUCT: Astro PT 700W
PROD LINK: Astro PT Product Page
PRICE: $149.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

I’m not going to do it. I’m serious, you guys. I may be a child of the eighties, but I will not sit here and write a review of Astro Boy. I disliked that show with every fiber of my being to the point I can’t even stand anime in general, and I will not sit here and fawn all over it no matter what y’all think of it. Why that theme song alone is enough to drive me way up the wall, and…

Wait. I just put on my glasses for the first time today. Looks like I’m reviewing the High Power Astro PT, not Astro Boy. Good. I may have some sanity left at the end of this article. Or not. We’ll see.

As is the case with all power supplies that come through here, there is some sort of box enclosing this one. And there’s some marketing on that box. Lots of it, in fact.

Looks like every feature High Power could think of went onto the back of this box, really. Fanless mode? Check. Fan off delay? Check. Eagle Eye power consumption indicator? Check. The Czech Republic? Uh… negative.

There’s also a big ol’ box with a graphic extolling the wonders of “D-VRM” technology, which promises to give us voltage regulation down to about 0.5%. That’s certainly possible, as Antec and Coolermaster have shown us recently, but there’s more to it than just slapping in some VRMs, feeding them from one big 12 volt output, and calling it a day. Wiring and connectors also play a major role in that. You can have the best voltage regulation on the planet right at the module, but if the ATX connector pins are even a little loose it will undo all your efforts rather quickly. We’ll see how this unit does with that on pages three and four.

This is a computer power supply. Glad we cleared that up.

Time to open up the rather unusual packaging of this unit and see what we have.

I see a power supply, user guide, power cord, bag of modular cables, a case sticker, and some screws. Not bad for a 700W unit. A few zip ties would have been nice, but I’m not too bothered about their absence.

The user guide is more complete than most but is lacking one important specification – full power temperature operation. That said, High Power does provide a more complete set of specs at their website, so I’ll let it go this time. Incidentally, this unit is rated to forty-five degrees.

This, quite frankly, is a good looking power supply. Not the best I’ve ever seen, but rather nice.

What? Oh, it’s YOU Astro.

There. That’s your one nod to Astro Boy. Enjoy it, because I wanted to punch my TV set every time he said that.