EVGA 500B 500W Power Supply

EVGA’s sent us quite a few awesome power supplies lately, haven’t they? The flagship NEX1500 notwithstanding, the Supernova G2 series has been just amazing so far. But what if you have no money for something that awesome, or need for something that big? EVGA wants to help you out there, too, with the 500B. The B stands for Bronze efficiency, so we’d best see if it lives up to that. Come on in.

PRODUCT: 500B 500W
PROD LINK: 500B Product Page
PRICE: $44.99 @ Tiger Direct
Price is at the time of testing!

We’ve now looked at three units from EVGA, haven’t we? First, there was the NEX1500, EVGA’s flagship model. That one turned out to be insanely expensive but didn’t quite compete in terms of performance with other companies’ flagships. Then we saw the Supernova G2 1000 and 1300, both of which lacked in features comparing to the NEX but totally made up for that by laying the smackdown on it for sheer performance. Indeed, those two beasts are among the best I’ve tested at this site.

But what to do next? EVGA pretty well has the high end covered with those three monsters, so the next step is to bring something in on the bargain end of things. Today’s review unit is that very unit, the 500B.

Say… I wonder what happened to the 500A.

As is typical, there’s some box marketing to deal with before we get to the fun stuff. Complete protections? Uh, not without overtemp protection, EVGA.

We’ve seen most of the box marketing before in various other reviews. This includes this side of the box.

Enough about the box, let’s unpack it. Time’s a-wasting.

Inside the box, we find a power supply, bag o’ screws, power cord, and a user guide. That’s all.

Some zip ties would have been nice. What are they, like two cents for a billion now? Three cents for a googolplex?

The user guide is actually pretty nice for a bargain oriented unit – I can’t really fault it for anything. Sure, I’ve seen better, but most of them are worse.