EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Power Supply

About a month ago, EVGA came to us with a new power supply weighing in at a thousand watts that completely confirmed in my mind that EVGA was looking to become a serious player in the market. The smaller of two units in the new SuperNOVA G2 series, I immediately wanted to get my hands on big brother 1300, just to see how this amazing platform did when pushed a bit more. Folks, the day has come.

PRODUCT: SuperNOVA 1300 G2
PROD LINK: SuperNOVA G2 Product Page
PRICE: $199.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Right about a month ago, I took a look at a new line of units from EVGA known as the SuperNOVA G2 series. Unfortunate nomenclature aside (do you really want a power supply going supernova?), that 1000 watt unit meant business. It not only brought home the bacon for EVGA, but it also cooked it all up real nice and served it with a pile of tasty hash browns. Sorry… I just got back from breakfast. Mmm… bacon.

At the time I looked at that unit, I mentioned that I had every intention of also looking at big brother, the 1300 watt model. Just, you know, to see if the platform had what it took to deliver more than a kilowatt with the same kind of outstanding performance. Folks, the day has arrived.

All the box marketing is the same as we saw with little brother, so I’m going to keep this part of the review short and sweet. Here’s the box. There are minor changes that reflect this unit’s higher capacity, but most of it is pretty well the same.

Let’s even skip the open box shot and get right to the unpacking. I’m in a hurry to get things done today because I might have to fire up the car and do some storm chasing this afternoon. And by storm chasing, I mean parking at the edge of town and watching clouds for hours because I can’t afford to put any gas in the Imperial. Hey, I still have to drive to the edge of town, so technically it still counts as chasing, right?

Anyway, lightning and thunder notwithstanding here are the contents of the box. A pile of modular cables, a cable bag, a user guide, some velcro zip ties, a bag of screws, and the power supply itself encased in a bear’s cage. Sorry, I mean a rain curtain. No, wait, I really mean a cloth bag. Got weather on the brain right now, for some reason.

The user guide is the exact same one that comes with the smaller 1000 watt model, so I didn’t bother scanning it. I stole this image from my other review.

I still think there could be more to this user guide than we’ve gotten, so I’ll probably score it the same way later.