Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000W Power Supply

I come to you bearing another promising unit from Fractal Design, the Tesla R2 1000 watt unit. We recently found out that Fractal is very well capable of holding their own in the market based on the awesomely performing Newton R3, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this unit compares against that unit. Let’s find out right now.

SUPPLIED BY: Fractal Design
MANUFACTURER: Fractal Design
PRODUCT: Tesla R2 1000W
PROD LINK: Fractal’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $167.20 @ Provantage
Price is at the time of testing!

Back in April, I had a look at a brand new unit from Fractal Design, the Newton R3 1000 watt model. And a wonderful unit indeed that power supply turned out to be, even if it came in a box the size of Jupiter.

Today, I’m looking at one of their Tesla R2 units, which comes in a box much smaller. This is a more bargain oriented unit featuring things like a three year warranty and 80 Plus Gold certification, so it’ll be interesting to see how things work out for it here today.

As always, we start off with the box and some marketing. There’s not a lot new here we haven’t seen about eleventy kerbillion times before, so I won’t waste a lot of time on this picture. It’s important to note, however, that this one seems to only be able to handle full power up to forty degrees Celsius. The box claims that the unit down-rates to 800 watts by the fifty degrees mark.

We’ll find out on page four how hot this unit can really stand things. I usually try to aim for the published specs here, but it’s another hot one in the lab so I can’t make promises for my hot box. It may well pass forty in there, and I ain’t stopping at no 800 watts, never none. Ok, that probably made less than no sense, so let’s try again: I’m load testing this thing to the whole 1000 watt capacity, whether the box is too hot for it or not.

As is common to boxes, this one has several sides.

Actually, the black part of this box is a sleeve that fits over the white main part of the box.

Let’s quit wasting time on the box and get it unpacked. Whoa… not a lot of padding in there, eh, Fractal? I have been known to score against packaging I felt was way too cheap in this regard. I mean, it doesn’t matter how good the unit is if Joe Consumer pulls it out of the box in a trillion pieces, does it?

Fortunately, this unit did not come out in a trillion pieces. It came out as a power supply with a bag over it. It brought along some buddies in the form of a European power cord, some wire ties, and some screws.

No owner’s manual at all was included with my unit, however, Fractal does, they assure me, including an owner’s manual. I’ve seen a PDF copy of it, and it looks like it has all the necessities in there. It’s not perfect, but few of them are.

With my luck, I just insulted all of China with this picture. Some of the wire ties are the velcro kind, but most are plastic zip ties.