Cougar RX 500W Power Supply

It’s time to look at another Cougar power supply today. They’ve sent me a brand new unit from their RX series, clocking in at 500 watts. This is a more value-oriented unit that promises good performance at a low price. Let’s find out now how well it does in meeting this goal.

PROD LINK: Cougar’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $59.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

It’s another wonderful week, and here we are looking at yet another power supply. We’re going back to the lands of the kitty cats today, and having us a look at the new Cougar RX series. This would be a bargain unit, certified 80 Plus standard if the box can be believed.

Single 12V rail? Up to 48A output? Uh, do the math, there. 48 amperes at 12 volts is 576 watts. Well over what this here 500 watt unit is rated for. You all know by now what my feelings about peak power ratings are, hopefully. If you don’t here’s a quick recap: don’t ever buy a unit on peak ratings. If you need 576 watts of 12V power, go up to a 600 watt unit. I guarantee you, if this thing could do that peak rating for any meaningful length of time, they’d market it as a 600 watt unit. It’s that simple.

The marketing doesn’t stop at the front of the box, as usual. Here’s some more of it on the back.

Not a lot here we haven’t seen before, is there? Of course, the whole “single 12V is better for overclocking” stuff is repeated again. And you’ve seen me rant about that endlessly in the past. But this time, I’d actually agree. Why? Because units around the 500 watt mark are too small to go multi-rail. You’ve got a unit that can do maybe 40A at most before quitting, you might as well forget about the whole multi-rail overcurrent protection. It’s just not going to make much of a difference.

Now, a 1000 watt unit? Yeah. By all means, implement multi-rail overcurrent protection. There, it makes sense. You get yourself an 80A 12V rail, you start leaving yourself open to issues. But on a unit this small? Meh, just leave it out.

Wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes? Even if it was for just one… be right back, guys. I’m listening to Golden Radio Italia 80s again, and I have to stop and listen to this song whenever I hear it. Meantime, feast your eyes on one of the many blander sides of this box.

Ah, look. The box has stuff inside it. Let’s get this unit unpacked.

No power cord here… we get a power supply, a few screws, and a user guide.

As user guides go, this one is rather mediocre. As I’ve found on other Cougar units, it’s somewhat lacking in detail. There is no indication of what temperature we can expect full rated power at, only an indication to “note the de-rating condition in Point 2.” Naturally, there is no “Point 2” found anywhere in this manual.

Methinks the hot box is going to get as hot as I can make it. When I don’t know what the maximum operating temperature is, I go for fifty degrees. A lot of these cheaper units can’t take that. But this is a small unit, liable to not heat the hot box up very much. We’ll have to see what happens.

Here’s the power supply itself. Looks not bad at all. I like the rounded corners on the housing.

I like matte black too, as usual.