InWin Commander III 800W Power Supply

InWin comes to us today with a new 80 Plus Gold unit weighing in at 800 watts. A quad 12V rail design, this Desert Fox wants to be your next power supply. It’s semi-modular, it’s cool looking, and we’re going to load test it.

PRODUCT: Commander III 800W
PROD LINK: InWin’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $139.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

G’day, folks, and welcome to another episode of Wacky Wolf’s House of Animals. Today, we’re checking out a fox. No, not that hot gal who works down at the bank who’s always giving you the eyes, but a Desert Fox. Also known as the Commander III, our object of study is an 800 watt power supply that happens to be certified 80 Plus Gold as well.

Shall we begin?

I’m in a bit of a rush to get to the good stuff today, so I won’t waste much time on marketing. Not that there’s much of it to spend time on, that is. All of this is pretty much normal for a power supply these days. Companies have to sell their stuff, so there’s always going to be some hype to go with these things.

I see some mention of “Japanese bulk capacitor” on here. This has been a bit of a thorny issue in the past, with some companies promising but not delivering fully Japanese parts in their units. I am a little concerned about the fact that InWin hasn’t pluralized “capacitor,” meaning there could only be one in the unit and the marketing would technically not be wrong. But we’ll find that out later. Personally, as long as I don’t find the real junk capacitors in there, I’ll be more or less happy.

Aw, look at the fox. He’s a happy little foxie, isn’t he? Yes, he is! Yes, he is! Id’nt he a happy-wappy widdle foxie-woxie? Ow. Who threw the chew toy? Thanks! I’ll just give it to my iddy-biddy widdle foxie… Ok, that brick just barely missed me. I’ll stop now.

There’s a bit more marketing here, but not too much. High efficiency? Yeah, it better be if it’s certified Gold. Low noise? Maybe. I won’t be able to tell using my current load testing gear.

Just in case you prefer your marketing in a language other than English, here you go.

Me? I’m just going to get started with the unpacking.

Other than a power supply, I also found a bag with some screws and velcro cable ties, a bag of modular cables, a power cord, and a user guide in the box.

Here’s the user guide now. It’s a very slick affair printed on glossy color paper and is pretty complete when it comes to the stuff that needs to be in there. They even provided the 12V rail assignments.