Super Flower LEADEX Platinum 1000W Power Supply

Not very long ago, Super Flower wasn’t really a name on anyone’s radar screen. They made decent units to be sure, but they were just kind of there. Then, someone over at SF headquarters woke up, saw the latest awesome unit out there, and said, “wait a minute, I bet we can do that, too.” The Golden Green platform came out and started turning heads, but Super Flower didn’t stop there. With the new 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certification level, the Golden King platform came out and turned even more heads. Now, Super Flower would like me to test the new LEADEX platform. This is the next step in their journey for dominance at the top of the power supply game. Let’s find out how well they pulled it off.

SUPPLIED BY: Super Flower
PRODUCT: LEADEX Platinum 1000W
PROD LINK: LEADEX Platinum Product Page
PRICE: $236.68 @ PC Home Online
Price is at the time of testing!

Hello, peoples, and welcome to yet another review from the keyboard of the weirdest person to ever do a power supply review: me! Last week, we took a look at an awesome new offering from Fractal Design. An 80 Plus Platinum unit at 1kW, it came, saw, and conquered.

But, the world of the computer power supply is always changing. One company comes up with something awesome, and other companies scramble to keep up. Today, I’m looking at a brand new platform from a company that doesn’t have to scramble… they’re one of the companies others need to catch up to. Of course, I’m talking about Super Flower. The new platform I speak of can be found in this here LEADEX 1000 watt model, and we’re going to see just what it can do.

Like always, we do need to get some marketing out of the way first. Hmm… these pictures are a little underwhelming. Hey, Nikon… you didn’t let Mr. Fuji tamper with your lens, did you? No? You say you would have cam-fu’d him into next week if he’d tried it? Well, then… I guess I need to work on my lighting some more.

We’ll look at this part of the box first. Eco Intelligent Thermal Control System, eh? Methinks we may know this feature as semi fanless operation. Unit gets hot, fan comes on. Unit cools off, fan goes off. But look… it seems that we get a choice. There’s a switch to disable said fan control system and make it run all the time. I like that.

Hmm… there’s a blurb saying “Japanese Capacitor” on it. And unlike we saw last week, it’s just vague enough that if we find capacitors that aren’t from Japan, Super Flower’s technically not wrong as long as there’s at least one Japanese capacitor present. We’ll have to find out on page five what’s in there.

Also, present on the back of yonder box is this list of specs and features. Good – full power to fifty degrees. I’m glad to see that Super Flower is carrying this forward from the Golden King platform.

You’ll have to excuse me, here, if I tune out once in a while. I’m streaming Golden Radio Italia 80s, and hearing a bunch of awesome songs that never got played in Canada back in the day. These guys have all the hits, like the immortal Playback Fantasy by O’Gar and Lee Marrow’s Shanghai. Folks, when you can turn on an 80s stream and barely hear any Phil Collins at all, it’s a good day.

But on this day, we shall unpack our power supply.

Huh… there’s gotta be more to the unit than this. Let me just continue unpacking here…

Ok, that’s more like it. Power supply, line cord, user guide, modular cables, cable bag, power supply bag, and a bag of screws.

Wait a minute… that beast is fully modular! Oh glorious day, Super Flower’s finally released something fully modular!!!

This is the user guide which is basically one little booklet that covers multiple models. Pretty much standard fare for them… there’s a lot of info missing. It’s better than no manual to be sure but could stand some improvement.

What the… what are these Internet radio people playing now? Help me out, here, folks. Where is Shankle and how does one live there? Who is this mysterious Tozzo? These are questions I don’t want to know the answers to, aren’t they? I haven’t been this confused since I tried to figure out if Jimmy McShane was the real lead singer of Baltimora. Oh, Italy. You liked some weird stuff back in the 80s. And that’s why I like you.