Seasonic X-400 V2 Fanless 400W Power Supply

Seasonic is not just looking to freshen up their product offerings with only a bunch of new fanned power supplies with 80 Plus Platinum Certifications. They’ve decided to bring that kind of amazing efficiency and performance to the fanless side of things, too. Today, I’m looking at the 400 watt model in that new line of fanless units, and it promises to be spectacular indeed.

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There are a lot of things in this world that comes without fans. Cheeseburgers. Dogs. Carpet. All of these things are usually delivered without a way of moving air.

Today, I’m reviewing a power supply that also comes fanless… it’s the new 80 Plus Platinum version of Seasonic’s X-400 Fanless. And from the looks of things, it comes in one heck of a beat-up looking box. Remind me to thank UPS later.

Though the box is thoroughly trashed, we can still make out all the important marketing info found on its surfaces. Rather, we can make Mr. Fuji zoom in and earn his keep.

First up, a paragraph and a table about the various 80 Plus certification levels and which of those levels this unit belongs to. At Platinum, this unit is currently all the way at the top of the pile.

Well, until Titanium shows up at the 115V level, that is.

Not a lot here we haven’t seen in other X series units, is there?

The marketing is refreshingly sparse on this particular unit. Without a Sanyo Denki fan to brag about, we’re almost through it already. Tight voltage regulation? If this unit is like other recent Seasonic units, that will be a profound understatement. We’ll find that out on the next few pages.

I’m going to cut the box pictures short with this one, for there really isn’t much more to show you about the box. Here we have some specs, some connector counts, and a list of agency certifications.

It’s unpacking time!

Found inside the box, a power supply with a velvet bag, power cords, bag of modular cables, bag of accessories, user guide, warranty sheet, and an important notice.

The contents of the accessories bag. The usual stuff from a Seasonic retail box. Zip ties, a case sticker, a bag of screws, and velcro cable ties.