Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply

PRODUCT: PowerX 550W
PROD LINK: Cougar’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $69.99 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Sleeve bearing? Really? Really? I don’t normally score against fans, but to be honest this smells like cost-cutting to me. I have to wonder how this fan will hold up over time. Will I score against it? I’ll figure that out on the next page.

Let’s get the rest of this page done first, though.

What we have here appears to be an HEC built unit.

As always, some line filtering can be found here. I saw an X cap, two Y caps, a coil, and a TVS diode on this board.

Here’s the solder side of the mainboard, and… wow. Fuji, zoom in just there if you please.

Uh… no. That’s not going to cut it. And this is not the only solder joint with too little solder, either. I found an SMD component barely soldered in elsewhere. Sorry guys, but that’s definitely a build quality score impactor.

More line filtering out front here. Two Y caps, a coil, and an X cap. Bridge rectifiers are GBU1506 parts.

PWM/PFC controller is this here CM6800TX.

Two filter coils definitely indicate group regulation, here. And… sigh… our “Japanese capacitors” marketing on the box is once again misleading. Only one capacitor is from Japan.

The rest are Teapo and… hold on a sec… I gotta get closer. Oh, for Pete’s sake… the general-purpose caps are Su’scon. Folks, this is not acceptable to me. Su’scon is over the line for me… their stuff is borderline junk even for GP use. Seriously, why not just go all Teapo? At least that I could see my way not being too hard on this unit in the scoring.

Here you get to see that one Japanese capacitor, as well as one of the little brown Su’scons near the main transformer.

Here’s your protection IC.

The primary side parts include two FDP18N50s and a diode for PFC, and two more FDP18N50s as main switchers.

The secondary side parts add up to two SBR30U30CTs each for the 3.3V and 5V rails, while the 12V gets four SBR40U60CTs.