Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply

Cougar comes to us once again with a new power supply. This time, it’s the value-oriented 80 Plus Bronze certified PowerX series that is represented. We’re looking at the little one today, the 550W. Let’s see if this kitty growls or whimpers.

PRODUCT: PowerX 550W
PROD LINK: Cougar’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $69.99 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day, fellow humanoids. Today, I’m looking at another Cougar. No, not the one on my bed covered in lace (yeah, right), we’re looking at this other power supply shaped Cougar. Dubbed the PowerX 550, it comes at us with 80 Plus Bronze certification and a three year warranty.

But we can tell all that just by looking at the box. Let’s spin that box around and see what’s on the back. I’m betting there will be some marketing.

Ah, yes… some marketing indeed. Let’s go in for a closer look.

Support multi-GPU technology, eh? On a 550W unit? That’s pushing it a bit. Units this small are better suited to your standard single video card arrangement, if’n you ask me.

Ah, good… Japanese capacitors. I always like to see those in a unit. We’ll make sure that’s what we have a bit later on.

Glad to see this unit supports the Energy Star. But who is the Energy Star? Richard Simmons? He’s a star with lots of energy. Well, until his built-in nuclear reactor runs out of fuel, anyway.

Elsewhere on the back of the box, we find these spec tables on both PowerX models, including load tables. There’s just one thing you need to know about them… they’re wrong. Well, at least the one for this unit is wrong. More on that later, when I show you the label on the actual power supply.

Also present is a list of connectors and an efficiency curve diagram.

Before we leave the back of the box, we get to see a fan curve as well.

There’s really nothing else of much note on the box itself, so how about we unpack it?

Right. Ok, then. We get a power supply, a manual, and a bag of screws. Nothing else. No zip ties. No case sticker. No power cord.

I’m surprised this unit even comes with those screws or any manual at all, as barren as the retail box is.

Speaking of the manual, here it is. It’s a lot like the one that came with the GX-S unit. Right down to having that same “note the de-rating condition in Point 2” stuff that is, again, not present anywhere in the manual.