SilverStone ST45SF-G 450W SFX Power Supply

When size really does matter, PC enthusiasts only had a few options available back in the day. You either picked up a Pico style PSU or you went with a standard ATX PSU. With ITX/Micro ATX systems becoming more and more common, we are left with a bit of a power gap if you will. The Pico and power brick options only get you so far, then the next logical step is the SFX PSU. Most of the SFX options available are either low wattage or conform to more of a server unit design.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PROD LINK: ST45SF-G SFX Product Page
PRICE: $99.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day, folks. As you can see from the above picture, I, Oklahoma Wolf, have invaded Tazz’ house again in order to help him out with a few backed up review units. We’re going to test a power supply. We’re going to spoil Izzy with treats. We’re going to secretly replace the dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent with Folger’s Crystals, just to see if Tazz notices a difference. All that fun stuff.

Treat, Izzy? There you go.

Now, the unit we’re looking at today is the SilverStone ST45SF-G, an updated SFX form factor unit that features such things as 80 Plus Gold certification, cables, connectors, and maybe even a power cord. But the most exciting thing about this unit is the presence of full modularity. That’s hard to find on any 450 watt unit, never mind an SFX unit.

As always, the box has a lot of marketing on it. But I’m not going to waste a lot of time with that today. All we need to know right now is that this unit is a single 12V design that promises things like low ripple and tight voltage regulation. Load testing will determine what it does in reality.

The box has a handy list of connectors if you’re the type that cannot wait for page two of this review.

You’ll notice that there’s a sticker that proclaims this unit to be version 1.1. We actually received a copy of version 1.0 as well… I’ll touch on that a bit more later.

Color – black!

Time to open things up and see what’s in the box.

Present in the box – a power supply, power cord, two user guides, an adapter plate, a bag of screws, and a bag of modular cables.

The adapter plate and screws close up. The plate is here in case you want to use this power supply in a standard case requiring the usual PS/2 sized (150mm x 86mm) power supply opening. Nice touch. Wish it was black.

Here’s the power supply itself, and boy is it ever a pipsqueak.

It does look pretty good, however, with that matte black paint scheme I like so much.

Ah, a label. Time to do up a table!

ST45SF-G 450W SFX – DC Output
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
19A 14A 37A 0.3A 2.5A
Max Power @ 40°C 90W 444W 3.6W 12.5W

Maximum rated operating temp at full power is given as forty degrees on this unit. Not a bad number, actually, considering that this is such a small unit.

Rounding out page one is a view of the exhaust grille. No power switch is present, but in a form factor this size I’m not going to complain about its omission. I mean, look… do you see room for one in there? I don’t.

Izzy’s nudging my ankle. Here, Izzy, have a treat.