AZZA Platinum 1000W Power Supply

We’ve seen a few 80 Plus Platinum units come out and impress us in the recent past. So far, they’ve all been pretty well-performing. AZZA is a newcomer to the field, and they’re now coming to me with their own Platinum unit looking to impress. Let’s waste no time and find out if AZZA is up to the challenge.

PRODUCT: Platinum 1000W
PROD LINK: AZZA’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $219.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

No, good people, you are not dreaming. I’m looking at yet another Platinum certified power supply today, this time from AZZA. And if I may “azzard” a guess, it should turn out to be pretty decent. If it does, only then can we send one to all the dukes in England. Why? Because then they would be the dukes of Azzard.

Oh, come on. Admit it. You laughed at that one.

Now, before we zoom in and look at the marketing, this box style has already given away the OEM of the unit. Who is it? Super Flower, of course. I mean, seriously… look here. Same box, different printing.

In fact, I will lay good money that says this is the same power supply platform as not only that one, but this one and this one as well. So, you know my expectations for this unit are now rather high.

One hopes, however, that AZZA picked a better fan than the one used in the Rosewill.

A list of specifications for you. Hey, you didn’t think I was going to squint at this eyeball popping brain-melting box long enough to transcribe all of this, did you?

Really, the box is cool but trying to read it makes my head hurt.

Some more marketing here. Nothing new for a Super Flower Golden King based unit… I don’t think I’ve seen one that didn’t have all high-quality parts.

Here we have a fancy graphic that tells us indeed we can expect a semi-fanless mode on this unit.

Hmm… this one is new. Apparently semi-fanless mode can be defeated for “spin the fan all the time” operation instead. Not sure I’ve seen a unit built on this platform yet that had that option installed.

And really, that puts the AZZA ahead of the pack already for me. Why? Because these sometimes run a little warm in fanless mode, that’s why. I want the ability to keep the fan running on a Platinum unit this size if I so desire it.

Three load tables share this side of the box, hinting that there are two other models in the line.

Ah, goody – more features. Zoom, Mr. Fuji, zoom! Zoom, or I will zuccintly zummon Zool to zue you!

And zoom he did.

About time we got to the unpacking part, no?

A power supply, power cord, screws, a user guide, and a bag of modular cables were present in the box. Wait… that’s it? That’s the user guide? Let’s go to the next page and take a closer look.