Cougar GX-S 500W Power Supply

We’ve got another kitty cat to throw on the load tester today… not a real one, of course. No, today we’re taking a peek at Cougar’s new GX-S line at five hundred watts. This is a small fry, clocking in at only 140mm deep. Will we get 80 Plus Gold performance from this small a package? There’s only one way to find out.

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Before we get going on today’s review, I just wanted to warn you – I got very little sleep last night. Some people get cranky when they’re tired. I just get weirder. So, if you see a few comments that make no sense, or repeat themselves, or appear redundant, or show up more than once, that’s the reason why.

Today we are looking at another kitty cat from Cougar… the GX-S 500 watt power supply. As a smaller unit with 80 Plus Gold certification, one hopes that it will impress. Let’s take a gander at the box. Then, let’s put the gander back in the cage for trying to peck our eyes out.

Hey, I did warn you I’d be weirder than usual.

Yup – this box has marketing. Let’s go in for a close look… a closer look… a closerrrrrrrr… what! Oh, sorry. Dozed off there for a second.

Here we go with some bullet points. Maximun efficiency… up to 93% of efficiency. Wait, what? What does that even mean? Am I just too tired to figure this out? 93% the efficiency of what? A maximun? What’s a maximun?

Guys, I think my Engrish to English language processor isn’t working right today.

High performance at forty degrees? You got it, chum. Chumeroo. Chumley. Chumerino. Chim-chiminey chim-chiminey… no, control yourself Wolfie, you’re writing a review right now. Anyway, it says forty degrees so forty is what I’ll be shooting for in the hot tests.

Interesting to see the overtemp protection listed there. Usually, units this small are lacking that.

Elsewhere on the back of the box, we find a list of specifications and cables with connector counts. This covers the 400W, 500W, and 600W models.

The most advanced technology, huh? DC to DC regulation… high efficiency… forty degrees… this is pretty standard stuff these days.

What isn’t standard is Cougar’s vortex fan stuff. And you know what? I like that. It tells me Cougar’s making a real attempt at putting some good fannage into their units. It’s refreshing, after that bearing noise I heard in last week’s Tachyon.

There isn’t really anything more worth mentioning on the box, so it’s time to get inside the box.

A user guide, power supply, power cord, velcro cable ties, and some screws were found within today’s candy-coated cardboard shell.

What? It’s not candy? Well, why didn’t you speak up before I ate half the box then?

Here’s a scan of a couple of pages out of the manual. It contains all the basics, but not too many of the specifics. For example, it actually says this unit is rated to fifty degrees, but that one should note the de-rating info in “Point 2.”

The problem? There is no point 2. Looked all over the thing. I couldn’t find it. That’s what you get when you rush a user manual and don’t proofread.

Anyway, that’ll probably cost a half point in functionality later. I won’t take off my full point allotment for manual scoring, because it is still a useful manual, it’s just lacking a little bit in some ways.