Rosewill Tachyon 1000W Power Supply

In the not too distant past, we’ve seen that Rosewill is now getting pretty serious when it comes to releasing power supplies that are very good indeed. Our latest look at a Rosewill unit will be today when I dig into the box of this here Tachyon 1kW model. This is an 80 Plus Platinum unit that features a single 83 amperes 12 volt rail. It’s time to see what it’s all about.

PRODUCT: Tachyon 1000W
PROD LINK: Rosewill’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $219.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day to you all, and welcome to another review of the power supply sort. You’ll have to forgive me if I seem a bit distracted today… I told Mr. Fuji something he didn’t like, he started swearing in Japanese, and then he said he would cut me when I wasn’t looking. What did I tell him? Oh, just that I was retiring him this year. Yeah, he didn’t take that well.

Today’s review is of the Rosewill Tachyon 1,000 watt model. Rosewill’s been looking to impress lately with units like the Capstone 750W and the Fortress 750W, and they’ve been doing a pretty decent job of it, too. This particular unit, aside from its obvious capacity advantage over those units, also boasts 80 Plus Platinum certification.

That was close. I had to wrestle a machete away from Mr. Fuji to get this picture. He just doesn’t like the idea of me replacing him with a DSLR camera. But it’s like I keep telling him… his pop-up flash broke last year, he’s getting old, and I just need a whole lot more features than he has to offer.

Let’s see if we can get him to zoom in on some of the sections of this box, now.

Nothing really out of the ordinary here. There’s no overtemp protection, and because it’s a single 12V design I have my doubts about there being overcurrent protection as well. On units like this, the overpower and overcurrent protections will be pretty much the same thing.

Five year warranty. One to One replacement. Come on, Rosewill, you can’t replace One to One. At least, not without an angel in your pocket.

Ow! Where did that toothpick come from, Mr. Fuji? I’m warning you… I’ll get out the J10 or even the old Nikon 3700 if you give me too much trouble. And you know what? For causing me so much trouble today, I’m going back to Nikon for the next camera. Ha-ha!

Anyway… here’s a table with some connectors in it.

The box also has load tables for all four models in the Tachyon series. Here are three of them.

You know, that was a bad idea… putting Mr. Fuji’s camera strap around my neck. I may not be able to speak for a while.

So, I guess I’ll just unpack the box.

Let’s see… a bag of screws, a bag of modular cables, a bag of power cord and zip ties, a user guide, and a power supply.

The user guide. It has all the basics in there but is somewhat lacking when it comes to things like telling me what temperature this unit is good for at full power. I had to go to the website to find that out.

So, there may be some impact on the functionality score, here.

A close-up look at the contents of the accessories bag. One power cord, five zip ties, one Mr. Fuji with a chainsaw… yikes!

Look, Fuji… you’re not changing my mind with this. It’s not like I’ll no longer be using you for anything, and it’s going to take me months to save up for the new guy anyway. So knock it off, and I won’t go get the sledgehammer.