SilverStone Strider Gold ST55F-G 550W Power Supply

Not too long ago, I looked at a new unit from SilverStone at the 650 watt level that boasted such things as full modularity in a package only 140mm deep. That unit proved to come up short in terms of efficiency, missing its 80 Plus target in both cold and hot testing. Today, I’ll be looking at the 550 watt little brother of that unit. Can it impress us in ways the 650 watt unit couldn’t? I can’t wait to find out.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PRODUCT: Strider Gold ST55F-G 550W
PROD LINK: Strider ST55F-G Product Page
PRICE: $119.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

It’s now January 2013. You’re sitting at home, wondering how you’re going to burn off the extra lard you picked up during the holidays. Then, it occurs to you that there is one thing you could do… buy a treadmill. Maybe an exercise bike. Perhaps join a gym.

Well, I’m here to tell you now that I’m not going to review any of those things. This is a power supply review site, dadgum it, and I want to review a power supply. Maybe one could modify it for use as a treadmill… I don’t know. I suppose you could use it for bicep curls, but something tells me you’d want a bit more weight than that.

At any rate, the power supply I’m reviewing today is the SilverStone Strider Gold 550W. We’ve looked at this platform before – see how the 650W model did here. As I recall, that unit had trouble meeting its 80 Plus certification on both hot and cold tests. It will be interesting to see how this one fares.

Looks like the box holds the same marketing bullet points we saw with the 650W unit. Let’s zoom in.

Ah, yes. Definitely the same stuff. 80 Plus Gold and single 12V rail. I admit I do feel a lot more comfortable with single 12V designs at the 550W level than some of these 1200W and up monsters that have been seen on the market.

Like the 650W unit, this one appears to be fully modular.

Also, this unit is 140mm deep, like big brother. At the time of writing, I don’t believe I know of anybody else managing to pull off full modularity in a case 140mm deep. That’s kind of impressive.

One hopes that the small size does not come too much at the expense of performance like we saw with the 650W model.

A list of connectors greets us on this side of the box.

Color – black. Lead-free paint.

It’s about time this box got unpacked, would you agree?

Power supply, modular cables, two user guides, a power cord, and a bag o’ accessories.