InWin GreenMe 650W Power Supply

PRODUCT: GreenMe 650W
PROD LINK: InWin’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $74.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Here’s the user guide. Not the worst I’ve ever seen, but not the best either.

There are some useful specs to be found here, even if the 12V rail assignments aren’t one of them. I do see that the 12V overcurrent protection is supposed to be at 35-45 amperes on each rail, so I’ll be checking that. Also, the specs tell us that the unit is rated for full power at forty degrees.

Glad to see they included a connector table, but that just makes me wonder all the more why they couldn’t have added the 12V rail assignments? I mean, the table’s right there and it’s just a bit more information, right?

Here’s the power supply itself. Matte black has taken the day off, and matte white is standing in. Looks pretty good, I must say. This would probably look fantastic in the GROne.

Another angle shows us the zero modular cable connectors on this unit. Yeah… this unit may look good in the GROne with my main rig, but I gotta have modular. My AX860i is going to stay right where it is.

Exhaust grille. Looks efficient enough to do the job.

One of the side panels. If I dropped this thing outside in the snow, I’d probably never find it.

The front panel. Looks like they’ve provided some screw holes for the optional bracket I’ve never seen people use. Or need to use.

Looks like it’s time for a table. Let me just get to work, here…

GreenMe 650W – DC Output
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
20A 20A 25A 25A 25A 25A 0.3A 3A
Max Power @ 40°C 120W 648W 3.6W 15W

Nothing really extraordinary here, folks. We already know this unit uses the VRM approach on the minor rails because the box already told us with the “DC to DC” stuff.

The fan. I must admit, I like Inwin’s idea of a warranty sticker. It’s much more stylish than the usual ones.

Just in case that one plain side panel wasn’t enough whiteness, here’s the top panel.

Man… this thing’s whiter than I am. Wait… let me hold up my hand to the monitor and check again. Yeah. It’s close, but this power supply is whiter.

As mentioned, all cables are hardwired, but at least they’re all sleeved.

Just in case you’d like to take a closer look at the sleeving and cable ends, I had Mr. Fuji get me this shot. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

GreenMe 650W – Cabling
Type of Cable Length from PSU AWG
Modular Cables
20+4 pin ATX connector 500 mm 12V1
SATA+SATA+SATA 500+150+150 mm
SATA+SATA+SATA 500+150+150 mm
5.25″+5.25″+5.25″+3.5″ 500+150+150+150 mm
4+4 pin CPU 500 mm 12V2
6+2 pin PCI-e 500 mm 12V3
6+2 pin PCI-e 500 mm 12V4
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
140 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm

While this unit doesn’t have too many connectors to its name, what is here pretty well makes sense for a 650 watt unit like this. I’d like to see a bit more length from some of the cables, namely the CPU and ATX ones. I worry about some possible issues there for people who have certain bottom PSU mount cases.