InWin GreenMe 650W Power Supply

Not too long ago, I found myself confronted with an Inwin GROne case. Done up in a nice white color scheme, it turned out to be a pretty decent case. Well, something else arrived in that same shipment, one of a new line of Inwin power supplies – the GreenMe 650 watt unit. Let’s find out if this nice looking matte white power supply is a good companion to the GROne.

PRODUCT: GreenMe 650W
PROD LINK: InWin’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $74.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

So… how did your apocalypse go? Mine went pretty well. Saw lights in the sky, dogs fooling around with cats, strange people dancing around on the lawn speaking in tongues… then I realized those lights were called “stars,” the cat was really another dog, and that was just me on the lawn running out to the shed in my bare feet in the snow. You ever try running across a gravel driveway in the snow in bare feet? Step on one rock, and that’ll have anybody speaking in tongues.

But the apocalypse is all over, we’re starting our new life together in Cthulu’s dreams, and we have to go back to being green people now. Inwin would like to help us there, and they have sent me one of their new GreenMe units. These feature such things as DC to DC conversion, 80 Plus Bronze certification, Japanese bulk capacitors, and strict 5% voltage regulation; if the box can be believed.

I don’t know about you, but around here 5% isn’t “strict.” It’s more like “mediocre.” But, we’ll give the unit a chance and see what it can do.

Go green! User manual inside! Made in China! UPC! EAN!

Ah, here’s a list of features. Pretty much standard power supply fare, here, with a few promises we’ll have to look for during testing. Efficiency up to 85%? I’ll be testing that. Power factor correction greater than 0.99? I can check that out too. Protection? I suppose I’ll spoil you guys and test the overcurrent protection, as according to the specifications here we have a quad 12V design on our hands.

At this time, the GreenMe would like us all to know that it cares, 100%. It doesn’t say what it cares about, but I’m assuming it’s head over heels about something. I’m hoping that “something” is electrical performance.

GreenMe is a state of mind, apparently. Well, I’d say Inwin is off to a good start if the packaging is any indication. All this cardboard is recyclable.

Here we find a list of marketing points in other languages, but I figure it’s best to unpack the box now.

And inside the box, we find… two more boxes and a user guide. Let me just unpack the two little boxes.

Uh-huh. It’s as I feared… Inwin has gone so green that there is basically no shock protection for the power supply in the packaging, except for multiple layers of cardboard.

What I did find in the box was a power cord, power supply, manual, some screws, and three velcro cable ties. That’s it.