Seasonic Platinum 660 XP2 660W Power Supply

Quick, what’s on your Christmas list? I know many of you have power supplies on there, and I know you want a good one. Up until now, Seasonic has been just bringing the awesome when it comes to power supplies that are deserving to be in Santa’s sleigh. Today, they’re looking to add one more unit to that list of fantastic units, and that’s the brand new 80 Plus Platinum SS-660XP. Come inside and take a look.

PRODUCT: Platinum 660 XP2 660W
PROD LINK: Plat 660 XP2 Product Page
PRICE: $149.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Sing it with me, folks!

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
You need a PSU for your old friend Pat
He turned on his computer and
The back of it blew smoke
You’re shopping for his new one
Something that won’t croak

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year again. This holiday season, Seasonic is once again looking to somehow out-awesome themselves enough to get your money. Today, I’m looking at the 660 watt model in their new low powered 80 Plus Platinum series of units. If it’s anything like other recent Seasonic units, we can expect great things from this puppy. But we need to do some load testing before we’ll know for sure.

Let’s look at the box first, shall we?

As is typical, there’s a fair bit of marketing to get through. Although, at this point, they could probably just print the words, “It’s a Seasonic,” and that would be enough to sell it to most people who know about power supplies.

Ultra-high efficiency. That’s what you get with 80 Plus Platinum certified units, the requirements for which are listed right on the box here.

This section of the box implies that this unit is simply an evolution of the X series platform. That would make sense, what with that particular series being the best and most efficient design Seasonic’s come out with yet.

Tight voltage regulation? Seasonic’s being too modest, here. This company is currently killing it in this area. Several times now, I’ve seen units from Seasonic out-regulate literally everything else I’ve tested, to the point that the 1% voltage regulation number I look for to classify units as “excellent” is actually a bad day for this company. A few times now I’ve seen high-end Seasonic units come in here and hand in 0% regulation, which I used to think was impossible.

Granted, none of these units have been able to give me a 0% number yet on the 12 volt output, the one that counts the most, but even so… I have some very high hopes for this unit.

Seasonic’s been using Sanyo Denki for quite some time now as their fan supplier, and it seems that this unit is no exception.

The box also holds a table with some specs and connector counts.

Not to mention a list of the marketing points in languages other than English.

Time for some unpacking!

A user guide, a bag of modular cables, a warranty info sheet, a bag of accessories, a power cord, and a power supply in a velvet bag were inside the box.

The bag of accessories has some screws, a case sticker, some velcro cable ties, and some plastic zip ties.

The warranty sheet, which claims that this unit comes with a seven year warranty.