SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 1350W Power Supply

Who could have predicted it? It turns out that last week when I thoroughly barbecued and humiliated that Hercules 500 watt unit, I offended the other Greek gods. Herc’s daddy, Zeus himself, has shown up today looking to get even. He’s brought with him the latest power supply to be graced with his name, the SilverStone Zeus 1350 watt unit. Let’s find out if old Zeus here can do what his boy Hercules couldn’t… make it all the way through my tests.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PRODUCT: Zeus ZM1350 1350W
PROD LINK: Zeus ZM1350 Product Page
Price is at the time of testing!

Last week, we watched in pure undisguised glee as I tossed the demigod Hercules onto my load tester and he failed in every one of his “labors.” Turns out, Herc has family, and that family was not impressed with me. Old Zeus himself then challenged me to a lightning bolt throwing contest. When I told him I can’t throw lightning bolts, he decided to send me a power supply with his name on it instead.

Today, I’m going to be load testing the latest in SilverStone’s Zeus line of units… the ZM1350. It’s big, it’s certified 80 Plus Silver, and it’s all but guaranteed to pass tests that Hercules failed so hilariously last week. Let’s look at the marketing.

This is found on the front of the box. Already, we are seeing things like 1500 watts of peak power ability and 1% voltage regulation. Both of those claims are challenging to meet… I’ll test the latter but not the former. For one thing, I need these to work after the review is over. For another, peak numbers still fail to impress me. Maybe it can do the job, maybe it can’t. It’s sold as a 1350W unit, which is really all I’m concerned with. This is aside from the fact that running the load testers too hard shortens the life of their MOSFETs, which are rather a pain to replace.

Let’s see what else we have on the box.

Gold at 230V, Silver at 115V. I’ll have to take their word for it, as I have no way to feed this thing enough power at 230V to test these claims.

Looks like we also get a fan switch that toggles between full power and thermally controlled.

Interesting. There are apparently some potentiometers to control output voltages with.

Low ripple and noise? Strict 1% regulation? We’ll be testing both of those claims.


Nice list of specifications, here. Wait… 80mm fan? On a 1350W unit? I have a feeling that’s going to get a mite loud.

More marketing. Nothing we haven’t seen elsewhere on the box already.

Let’s dispense with the box now and unpack things. Nice to see the usual two manual treatment from SilverStone again. One will be an installation guide. The other, a more unit-specific user guide.

A bag of accessories, the two manuals, some modular cables, a power cord, and a bus were found inside the box. The bus has an 80mm fan and I’m assuming has a 500HP or so Caterpillar engine near the back where all the grille openings are.

Oh, wait… that’s the power supply. I got confused for a minute there when I tried to lift it and pulled all the muscles in my right arm. That is not a big power supply. That is a HUGE power supply.

The accessories bag holds a rat’s nest of velcro cable ties, some barely visible in this picture zip ties, some knurled screws, and some regular screws.

As usual, you just can’t fault SilverStone’s documentation. This is the installation guide – the one that comes with most of their retail units.

This is the user guide, complete with all the functions and minute specifications listed in exacting detail.