Seasonic G Series 550W Power Supply

Not too long ago, we had a look at our first Seasonic G Series unit. Weighing in at 360 watts, it was yet another amazing power supply from what is arguably the company to beat these days when it comes to fantatic performing units. Now, I’ve got the 550 watt version on my bench. We’re going to see if Seasonic’s winning streak continues.

PRODUCT: G Series 550W
PROD LINK: G Series Product Page
PRICE: $105.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Hello, Internet, and how are you today? You may remember us taking a look at our first Seasonic G series unit in October with this 360 watt model. Well, Seasonic decided to send us one more in the line. This time, it’s the 550W unit you see in the above picture.

This time, we’re looking at a modular unit, rather than a fully hardwired one. Let’s get all these box pictures out of the way quickly so we can see how it performs.

As usual, there’s a bit of marketing to get through. Take it away, Mr. Fuji.

80 Plus Gold uses VRMs to supply the minor rails from the main 12V rail, has good voltage regulation. Nothing new here… many power supplies have gone the VRM (voltage regulator module) route, and 80 Plus Gold is now everywhere in the market.

Again, nothing really earth-shattering here, except maybe the use of polymer capacitors, which aren’t too common yet in low powered designs. That said, they are most often found on VRMs due to space issues, so I was already kind of expecting to find them in this unit. Not that you can’t use traditional aluminum electrolytics… some have done that, like this Apevia.

We’re back in the Honeycomb Hideout with this unit, it looks like. Seasonic does love their honeycomb grilles.

On this side of the box, we get a list of connectors as well as a bunch of other useful specifications.

And on this side of the box, we find all the marketing fluff reprinted in languages other than English.

Let’s get this unpacking done now so we can get to the good load testing stuff faster.