InWin GRone Full-Tower Case

It’s nice to take a break from the power supplies once in a while and do something different. Today, I’m looking at the latest computer case to come into the lab, the Inwin GRone. This is a full ATX tower case that promises a whole lot of space with a whole lot of cooling potential.

PRODUCT: GRone Full-Tower Case
PROD LINK: GRone Product Page
PRICE: $144.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Ok. I’ve got my caffeine next to me, a glass of water standing by, and all the doors in the house are locked in case the men in white coats are after me again. I’m ready to review another case.

Today, I’m looking at Inwin’s Groan. Er, GRone. Reportedly, this is a full tower case with a lot of cool features. Oh, wait… the box has a list of features on it somewhere. Let’s just take a look.

Aha! Features! Eight PCI-E slots? Do they really mean expansion bays? Those can be used for more than video cards, Inwin. Ah, good – lots of room for big CPU coolers. I have a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme I’m going to test that out on later.

I’m digging that SATA hot-swap dock, too. That was one of the features I liked on the Corsair 650D I looked at not long ago.

Supports up to ten fans, eh? Supports radiators, eh? Well, those should help keep things cool. We’ll get inside the case in a bit and see just how many of those fans the case actually comes with. I’m still waiting for the one that comes with all these fan locations populated from the factory.

Sorry about the graininess. Mr. Fuji was a little far away from the action this time, so he could take in the full size of this box.

Ah, a list of specifications. I like the fan speed controller, too. That was another welcome feature on that Corsair case.

Let’s start unpacking. You didn’t come here to look at cardboard all day, did you?

Here we find that the case itself is well protected in foam. I’m just going to remove said foam and the plastic bag over the case.

And here’s the case itself. There are plastic protective sheets over the window and control panel.

It’s not a bad looking case so far, I have to say. Not the best-looking one I’ve ever seen, mind you, but it’s not terrible at all.

Ah, look – there’s a fan location back here. Kind of reminds me of that Dragon Rider case I looked at, also from Inwin.

Another angle, so you can see the top. That looks like our hot-swappable drive tray right out front, there.

And another look from above. Let’s hit the next page and have a look at this case in more detail.