Kingwin Power Force PF-850 Power Supply

We’ve seen a few Kingwin units in our day, and most of them have been awesome, due in large part to exceptional Superflower built innards. Today, I’m looking at something new – the Power Force 850 watt unit. This one does not come out of the Super Flower factories, and I for one am anxious to see if Kingwin can hit their target on this one – an 850W unit that performs well but does not break our wallets in the process. Let’s find out now.

PRODUCT: Power Force PF-850
PROD LINK: Kingwin’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $109.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Hello, folks. I’ve come out of hibernation today to review a new power supply from Kingwin, the Power Force 850 watt.

The market seems to have become driven lately by efficiency. Silver, Gold, Platinum… every company out there is looking to outdo each other. But what about the lower end of the market, where people can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest when it comes to high efficiency? You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it – Platinum units are arriving on the scene left and right lately, but not at very low prices. In fact, at the upper end of the wattage scale, Platinum efficiency costs such a premium that it’s hard to see a point to shelling out an extra hundred clams when that Gold unit over there gives you the same performance with only slightly poorer efficiency. It becomes, “do I stick with Gold, or do I pay all this extra money for ten dollars a year in power bill savings?”

Fortunately, Kingwin is looking to help out those of you who want a good semi-modular power supply on the cheap. We’ll have to see how this unit does when compared to the more top of the line Lazer Platinum series.

As is usual, there’s a bit of marketing on the box. Let’s zoom in.

Here we have a list of specifications. I’m glad to see that fifty degrees rating for full power. It says that Kingwin is no less confident in their bargain units than they are in the expensive ones.

Features! Nothing really too earth-shattering here.

More features! And a big long list of them, this time. Most of them rather obvious. I’m glad to see that the black coating is finished. There’s nothing worse than an unfinished coating if you ask me.

On a serious note, I do like seeing features like overtemp protection on the more affordable units. It tells me the company is thinking about keeping your computer safe, no matter how broke you happen to be at the moment.

Let’s unpack now, and take a look at what’s inside the box.