FSP RAIDER 750W Power Supply

It’s time to go on a power supply raid. Today, FSP is going to be helping out there by letting me take a peek at their RAIDER 750 watt unit. This is an 80 Plus Bronze unit targeted at the budget gaming crowd. Come inside, and we’ll see if this unit turns out to be the bronze idol itself, or merely the clay pot you throw at the bad guys while escaping the booby-trapped cave carrying said idol. Insert Indiana Jones theme music here.

PRICE: $84.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

I have one simple question I want to be answered right now. What is this power supply a raider of? The lost ark? Oakland? Is it the power supply version of Lara Croft? Come on, FSP, you really need to give me more information when you send me a unit like this. I mean, what happens if I stick this on my load testers and it comes up with a witty one-liner, hooks itself to the ceiling with its cables, and swings over and hits me in the face? What then?

Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to load test this thing like a regular power supply, and just keep one eye on it in case it tries anything funny.

Yes, folks, today’s review sample is the 80 Plus Bronze certified FSP RAIDER 750 watt. Let’s head for the back of the box and see if we have some marketing.

Yes. Yes, we do have some marketing. Let’s put the camera to some more work and zoom in.

This… is not a half-bad idea. Frankly, I wish more PSU companies would do something like this, so we didn’t have so many units showing up with long lengths of wires to deal with between peripheral connectors. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those can be useful. But when all I want to do are stack a pile of hard drives in my case, I don’t want to deal with having a lot of wires to deal with. You deal me? Good deal.

That said, 50mm is two inches. This diagram implies that you will have no excess slack in the wires if you stack your drives in the usual 3.5″ bays, and that’s not so. I’ll show you the cables later on.

The usual marketing mumbo-jumbo Coco Jamboo is found here, ey-yi-yeh. Single 12 volt rail, quiet fan… MIA IC? Ok, that one’s new. But why is the IC missing in action? Wouldn’t it work better if it was in the unit? Oh, I see, MIA stands for something else. I have no clue what it could be, though. Minor Idiotic Artichoke, perhaps?

Post SR? That one’s also new, but it seems to imply that power on transients are well controlled on this unit. We’ll see about that on the hot testing page.

Features. Efficiency. Acoustic noise. More of the usual marketing goodness found here.

FSP MIA IC inside? Now, I’m almost sure that “MIA” does not, in fact, stand for “missing in action.”

RAIDER power supply. For more information, please go to the FSP website.

A power supply needs to be unpacked now, apparently.

Here we go – the contents of the box. A power supply, some screws, a power cable, and a user guide.

Here’s a scan of the manual. Could be better, could be worse. As usual.