Corsair AX1200i 1200W Power Supply

Today we have the opportunity to take look at a unique power supply that has been stirring up questions since its debut at Computex in early June, the Corsair AX1200i. The AX1200i is the first DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controlled to hit our section of the market. What does DSP bring to the table? Well, let’s dig in and see if we can answer that question along with a few others that might be floating around.

PRODUCT: AX1200i 1200W
PROD LINK: AX1200i Product Page
PRICE: $349.99 @ NewEgg
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It’s been just over a year since OklahomaWolf looked at the original AX1200. The AX1200 has pleased many of its owners over the last year, while some users have complained about the fans noise profile. For the most part, though, it seems that the AX1200 has a good following, which is why we are here today. Its successor is ready to take the reins and power our computers for many years to come. I give you the Corsair AX1200i.

We will start by taking a look at the packaging and its marketing points.

  • Digitally Controlled Power
  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Fully Modular

If the digitally controlled power lives up to the hype, well then I think we are all going to like that. When it comes to power supplies, I don’t think you’re going to find anyone that will complain about a unit either being quiet or efficient. Fully Modular? Hell Yeah, I will take 10 of them. Here at the site, we prefer fully modular to everything else. There is just something about having a super clean install with minimal cables being used. We can also see from the front of the box, that the unit is 80Plus Platinum rated and has Corsair Link.

Lifting the lid will give you access to the modular connector information on the inside of the lid. We will give a full cable/connector layout when we get to the cable section of the review. Just under that, we have a little more marketing information.

Brilliant Design

The fully modular cables make it easy to install and the self-test switch lets you quickly determine if the AX1200i is functioning normally before you even attach cables to your motherboard.

OK, the modular cables will absolutely make it easier to do a proper installation. The self-test switch is something new and will be a good feature to have. I know I’m not the only one that has been aggravated to find out that a unit is FUBAR’d after going through the hassles of doing a clean installation. I hope that you are like me and used a “Fully Modular” unit and just had to disconnect the cables and slip the new unit in place.

Under the flap, we have a nice artistic look at the internals of the AX1200i.

  • Digitally controlled power for solid voltage regulation and outstanding performance.
  • Upgraded internal components and digital design for 80Plus Platinum Efficiency.
  • Fully modular cables for quick and easy installation.

On the bottom of the box, we have some of the more basic information standard on most units today, plus the PSU casing size.

Moving on to the rear of the box, we find a good bit of information here.

I guess we are fixing to find out if this thing really does offer tighter regulation and lower ripple/noise. Let’s get through some more of the marketing stuff first though.


Seeing that I am located here in the good ol United States, I will be going by the Red line on the Efficiency chart, which is 115V, while some of the others will use the White for the 230V scale. Neither of the two looks bad to me. The second chart shows us the fans noise curve.

We are still talking about digitally controlled power and its benefits.

Now we are getting somewhere. Although Corsair Link is not something completely new, although this is the first time we’ve seen it on one of their PSU’s. Corsair Link allows you to link the PSU to the computer via USB and gives you the ability to monitor different aspects, as well as adjust a few of them.

Looking at the output ratings, it strikes me a little odd to see the 100.4A, why not just round that to 100A? The same goes for the total power rating. I doubt that .4A or .8W is going to make or break a decision to buy a specific PSU. We will cover the output table a little later on.

After cracking open the box, we can see that the AX1200i comes with a few things. On a good note, these units still come with plenty of large Styrofoam around the PSU to protect it during shipping.

Above, we show everything laid out. We have the AX1200i still in its bag, the modular cable bag to the right of it, the large power cord just in front of it. Down in the front, we have the manual, a brief information sheet for the Corsair Link Software, the USB dongle, and the Accessory bag.

The USB Dongle utilizes an internal USB header, so make sure you have one available on your board. The Accessory bag has several small zip ties, four mounting screws, and a case badge (man you don’t see those a lot anymore).