Super Flower Golden King 1000W Power Supply

Super Flower is a manufacturer, headquartered in Taiwan but with their factory in mainland China, that’s been around making computer chassis and power supplies for quite a long time. Unfortunately, the brand has not been available in the U.S. for some time, although Super Flower units can still be purchased all over Europe and Asia. Here in America, we usually have to wait for a company like Kingwin or Sentey to pick up and re-brand a unit. Today’s power supply is the Super Flower Golden King 1000W.

SUPPLIED BY: Super Flower
PRODUCT: Golden King 1000W
PROD LINK: SF’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $259
Price is at the time of testing!

The Golden King is the first power supply I’ve had a chance to review that advertises 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. That means this power supply should be at least 90%, 92% and 89% efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% loads. We will certainly try to confirm this in today’s tests.

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

The box for this power supply is made of a laser holographic cardboard that changes colors in different light, from different angles.

In what seems to be very typical Chinese fashion, a native-English speaking individual is not used to proof-read the boxes before they go into mass production. This starts with Super Flower’s almost nonsensical slogan of “Always Accompany With You” right on the front of the box.

Along the bottom of the box, we’re told that this unit’s high efficiency yields “20% more Ultra Power”. We’re also told that the modular plugs are patented, that this unit uses a 2-ball-bearing silent fan, that the unit is energy-saving and that it has a Japanese capacitor. I’m sure there’s more than one Japanese capacitor inside, but I guess we’ll find that out once we open the unit up.

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

The back of the box has a whole truck load of information. Let’s zoom in on some of these bullet-points.

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

A lot of the above information is self-explanatory, although. I’m not really sure why they list two different dimensions with two different numbers for depth (180mm and 163mm). It’s very unlikely that this unit is only 163mm deep. 180mm sounds like a more realistic number.

It looks like the department of redundancy was responsible for communicating what kind of capacitors were used inside this product.

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

On this side of the back of the box, we’re told about 80 Plus and some of the patented technologies this power supply uses.

One of the patent features is the “ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System”, which is a thermal controlled fan that only starts spinning once the unit reaches a certain temperature. I’ve seen this feature before on a number of different units manufactured by several companies other than Super Flower, so I’m not really sure what’s patented here, but they say it’s patented. According to the diagram, the fan doesn’t kick in until internal temperatures reach 70°C.

Another feature is the “Hybrid Dual Voltage Automatic Switch System”, which switches the +5VSB load from the +5VSB rail to the +5V rail, thus increasing efficiency and +5VSB capacity. It sounds like a simple, but smart idea. Apparently it’s patented as well.

The final patented technology mentioned on the back of this box is the “High Power Vertical Double Layer Main Transformer”, which is a transformer design that is more compact and efficient than the traditional transformer design.

And believe it or not, there’s even more information on the side of the box…

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

Let’s zoom in on these bullet-points now…

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

We start off with some more basic information. ATX and BTX compliance, Energy Star and EuP compliance, OPP, UPP, OVP and SCP protections, 80 Plus Platinum certification and a reiteration of the three patented technologies mentioned on the back of the box.

Super Flower Golden King 1000W

Finally, we’re told that the unit passed a “more than 2000 times on/off test”. Perhaps this is some life span test for the power switch on the back of the unit. Of course, this unit uses all RoHS components, which means nothing has lead in it. The unit has active power factor correction and accepts a full range of input voltages, from 100V to 250V. Super Flower states here that they have acquired a number of safety certifications, which are listed on the back of the box.

As this unit is a 1000W unit, I’m fairly certain that the claim that this unit supports Nvidia SLI and ATI Crossfire is not much of a stretch, although I was surprised to see both the ATI and Nvidia logo together on the same box. Maybe this has changed, but when I worked for a couple of different power supply manufacturers in the past, we had to be reminded by Nvidia that the SLI logo’s usage agreement restricts the use of the logo in conjunction with any ATI logo. Hmm…

Here we are also reminded that this power supply has patented features. Specifically, we’re told about the modular connector’s design.

I should note that nowhere on this box is there a DC output table and there is no mention of what connectors are on this power supply and how many of each there will be.

Now let’s open the box up…