InWin Dragon Rider Full Tower ATX PC Case

Once in a while, I like to review something a little different from the usual power supply. Today is just such an occasion. Inwin Development has asked me to review their new Dragon Rider case. Some of you may already know that I am a fantasy novelist, and because of that I just couldn’t turn this opportunity down. Come on in, and we’ll try to do some dragon riding.

PRODUCT: Dragon Rider PC Case
PROD LINK: InWin’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $139.99 @ NewEgg
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InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

It isn’t very often that I get a chance to flex my fantasy writing muscles here at the site. Let’s face it – power supplies just don’t provide that many opportunities to do so. Recently, Inwin came a-calling. Would I like to review the new Dragon Rider case?

As you can imagine, I was all over that idea. And so here we are today, taking a look at the Inwin Dragon Rider. Going by the box above, this case definitely has a fantasy feel to it. It hints that by buying this case, you too will become a rider of dragons.

But a computer case is a computer case. Will our Dragon Rider bring something new and wonderful into our world, like Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels, or will it end up being a confusing mess of half baked cliches, undercooked story elements, and recycled Star Wars plot points like… you know, I better not finish that thought due to my allergy for lawyers.

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Mawn Tanna, a young boy named Linguini decided that he loved the fantasy genre so much that he sat down at a computer and began to regurgitate every cool fantasy element he could remember into a novel of his own. Dwarves… gotta have those. And magic and elves and dragons and dragon riders… gotta have them, too. Oh, and it would be super cool if the main character turned out to be awesome. It’s fantasy writing after all. If we can’t have everything we want in fantasy, what’s the point?

And so began the legacy of a fantasy series that took the word “dragon,” changed one letter to get its name, and proceeded to go on to make its creator millions of dollars. Wait… you didn’t think I was talking about Eragon, did you? Nope, I’m talking about the other one, Fragon.

As I look at the above picture, I can’t help but worry that Inwin might be going down the same path. I mean, a computer case is a computer case. There’s only so much you can do with it before it gets compared to every other computer case on the market. Why, we could be looking at another case of Star Wars with dragons, here.

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

The only thing we can do, really, is to get past the box shots so we can start taking a look at the actual case itself. Then we’ll be able to see for ourselves what it’s all about. As long as I don’t have to wade through endless paragraphs of purple prose descriptions of stair climbing, of all things, this journey shouldn’t be too difficult.

Hey, look at this. I found a big red egg out back yesterday. It hatched into a dragon overnight and should be an adult I can ride by the end of the week. Also, I can talk to it with my mind. Because I’m awesome. But the dragon and I have to go on the run soon – Gallbladderstonix will be suffering without his stone and will want it back. Wacky hijinks are expected to ensue. He might even send his orcs that aren’t orcs after me.

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

The side of the box we just took a look at has a few features printed on it. Here’s a close-up shot of these bullet points. Among other things, this case claims to be compatible with up to 240mm radiators in case you’re a water cooler. Inwin also claims that the case can take up to eleven 120mm fans, and comes with a gigantic 220mm fan on the side panel. That should take care of some cooling, all right.

Also bragged about is enough space for cable routing and tool-free design for hard drives. Both elements in a case that I tend to like. There’s nothing worse than having to swap out hard drives and having to fumble with a screwdriver. Well, being a fantasy hero who conveniently passes out and gets rescued by somebody in every single battle he’s in might be worse, but a quick stroke of a pen can fix that. Let’s just have him wipe out the whole enemy army using magic, and then pass out… from exhaustion. Wholesale slaughter is such hard work, don’t you know.

My big red dragon and I will be throwing a party later, by the way. We just barbecued three thousand soldiers who probably had families to feed. Ah well, no big deal. It’s a fantasy novel – I’m the hero, here. Boy, that scene will look awesome in the movie.

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

Moving on to another side of the box, we see a list of specifications. Let me get up close and show you what all this says:

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

Ah, good. A full tower. There’s nothing worse when you’re the fantasy hero every boy dreams of being when you have this five-foot long sword nobody but Arnold could lift and have no place to put it. And I’m getting tired of carrying it around in my pack. Hey… hey! Don’t be questioning my sword. It’s a magic pack… that’s how it fits in there. Yeah, that’s it. Magic.

Among the other features offered by this case, it carries a total of four USB ports on the top panel. Two for 3.0, two for 2.0. Nice. I get so sick of getting new cases and they only have two USB ports on the front. People, I have a Jetway HA-07 Ultra. That thing has four USB headers in addition to the four USB ports on the back. How am I supposed to take advantage of all those headers if my new case only uses one of them? I have encountered situations where I wanted more USB ports. What am I supposed to do, buy a USB hub? Bah… that’s for people who write new, original fantasy – like Guy Gavriel Kay. I want to be lazy.

InWin Dragon Rider PC Case

We’ve already seen all I want to see of the box, so now it’s time to do some unpacking. Looks like this could be fun to get out of the box. I’d better recharge my batteries. I’ll meet you on the next page as soon as I go over to that spotlessly clean medieval butcher shop there and grab me some meat. Because I’m a poor farm boy, you see, and I need to be away from the house so that my plot contrivance will work out.