NorthQ Siberian Tiger Water Cooler

PRODUCT: Siberian Tiger Water Cooler
PROD LINK: Not Available
PRICE: $139.99
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – The NorthQ NQ 3850 Siberian Tiger did a satisfactory job at cooling that AMD AM2 5600 processor. Although it did not achieve the lowest scores in the testing, it still offered a lower noise level over the air coolers used. I feel the average users looking at a product such as the Siberian Tiger is going to be looking for the lower noise levels over the lower temperatures. For those that are looking for the lowest temperature, they will likely be leaning toward a more configurable water cooling solution. With that in mind I feel the NorthQ Siberian Tiger did pretty good job at cooling while staying noticeably quiet. The score here is 8/10.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) – The Siberian Tiger doesn’t look bad when compared against the standard water cooling setup. The polished side covers on the radiator does give it a little extra shine. The fan looks good as well and has the option of turning the Blue LEDs On/Off based on preference. We don’t see any bulky hose clamps, which makes it that much cleaner. I’ll give it a 9/10 here.

Value (25% of the final score) – The NorthQ goes for around $139 here in the US (@ FrozenCPU) which is comparable to other water cooling kits. As mentioned, the cooler does perform satisfactorily while providing a lower noise level. It would have been nice to have seen it at least match the air cooler performance. With everything being sealed and there being no maintenance required after installation. 9/10.

Installation and Functionality (25% of the final score) – Installation of the Siberian Tiger is pretty much straight forward and only requires a minimal amount of effort when compared to a standard cooler. Although the Siberian Tiger will not fit in all cases. It should easily cover most of the Mid-Tower to Full-Tower cases without much of a problem, while trying to use this in a SFF case might be a bit more challenging. The biggest downfall I see is the lack of being able to expand the setup to include cooling in other areas. 7/10.

Siberian Tiger Water Cooler – Scoring
Performance 8
Aesthetics 9
Value 9
Functionality 7
Total Score 8.1


  • Very acceptable noise levels.
  • Installs relatively easy in most cases.
  • Respectable price.
  • 100% maintenance free.
  • Supports multiple sockets.

The BAD:

  • Will not work in all cases.
  • Can not be modified to add in cooling for other areas.


  • Satisfactory cooling performance.