Kingwin Gladiator CPU Cooler

CPU coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Today, I will be testing the Kingwin Gladiator which promises to push the limits of both shape and size; as well as introduce the concept of water cooling to a smaller form factor that anyone can install. How will it do? Let us take you down to the Coliseum, where I shall do battle with the Gladiator to determine which of us shall win the favor of the people. At this time, I would like to introduce to you your hosts for this event, Bob and Linda, who will be doing the play by play for me. And with that, I hear them calling my name so I’d best go get ready. Take it away, guys.

PRODUCT: Kingwin Gladiator
GA-10025BK CPU Cooler
PRICE: $47.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Bob: “Thank you Wolf, and welcome everyone to what’s shaping up to be the fight of the year.”

Linda: “Yes indeed, Bob. Our reigning champion has seen CPU coolers come and go, but nothing like what he’s up against today. I snuck into the locker room earlier and got some pictures…”

Bob: “You snuck into the locker room? That seems a little…”

Linda: “Do you want to see the pictures or not, Bob?”

Bob: “Okay but if I see anything I don’t want to see, the therapy bill’s on you.”

Kingwin Gladiator GA-10025BK

Bob: “Is that a Borg cube? Are we going to be assimilated?”

Linda: “Bob, I believe that’s just the box the Kingwin Gladiator comes in.”

Bob: “It looks like a Borg cube to me.”

Linda: “Put your glasses on, Bob. I got a close up shot of some of the specifications…”

Kingwin Gladiator GA-10025BK

Linda: “As we can see in this picture, the Gladiator is a real heavyweight at 960 grams. I can’t help but wonder how our champion is going to deal with this challenge of challenges.”

Bob: “The man’s six foot six and weighs 235 pounds. I think he’ll manage.”

Linda: “Still you have to wonder how this fight is going to turn out when this is surely the most massive CPU cooler the Wolf has ever tested.”

Bob: “Look at the rest of the specs, Linda. ‘Reted?’ ‘Ever lubricate bearing type?’ I don’t like the challenger’s odds here.”

Linda: “Since when has Engrish stopped a cooler from performing, Bob? Let’s have a look at another picture.”

Kingwin Gladiator GA-10025BK

Linda: “As we can see here, this CPU cooler works by circulating coolant via a small pump through the fins and base of the cooler.”

Bob: “I’m glad they used antifreeze to do the cooling… we wouldn’t want it to freeze up in subzero temperatures.”

Linda: “Indeed, Bob, that would be a bad thing. Wait a minute… antifreeze? Are they kidding?”

Bob: “Looks like there’s finally some action down on the field. The fight should be starting soon.”

Linda: “That’s the parking lot. I told you to put your glasses on. Oh… wait… there are indeed some signs of activity down there. Yes, the referee has now taken to the field. He’s standing beside the table on which the testing computer is set up.”

Bob: “Let’s take a moment to tell our audience a little about the computer being used in this fight.”

System Specifications
Item Brand / Model
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Mainboard Asrock 939Dual-VSTA
Case Ultra Aluminus
Power Supply Channel Well PUC1200V-A01
Video Card Powercolor X1650 Pro
Case Cooling Ultra Sleeve Bearing 120mm Intake and Exhaust

Linda: “Here comes the announcer. The crowd is looking on in expectation.”