Seasonic M12 700W Power Supply

Today I’m looking at the Seasonic M12 700W. This power supply is Seasonic’s newest unit, features a 120MM fan on the bottom, a 60MM fan on the front (inside) and is modular.

Now I know what you’re thinking because I keep hearing this around at the different forums: “Why a 60MM fan? It’s only going to add noise to the unit.” Well, the 60MM fan only operates when the unit is warm, and the speed is variable, so even spinning at low speeds, it’s hardly audible.

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PRICE: > $200.00
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When the industry changed typical PSU cooling from front-to-back to bottom-and-“around the bend” a hot spot was created at the front of the PSU housing.

Seasonic M12 700W

For many PSU manufacturers, the solution was to add an acetate shield across the back half of the fan, forcing air to move towards the back. But even this shield can add noise, and cooling over all can be affected.

Seasonic M12 700W

Seasonic includes a thank you note in the box. I must say that’s a first.

Seasonic M12 Box Contents

Inside the box we see the power supply, a power cord, the modular cables (under the power cord) and a stack of literature including an S-12 brochure, M-12 brochure, M-12 manual and a warranty card.

Seasonic M12 Box Contents

Seasonic M12 3/4 View

The unit is “basic black” and the cables are all sleeved with black net. I hear that black is today’s titanium. The fan grills are chrome. Nothing too flashy here, but at least all of the cables are sleeved.

Seasonic M12 Modular Interface

Here we have a pretty good look at the 60MM fan and the modular interface.

There are five 5-pin modular connectors here. Each connector has one 12V, one 5V, one 3.3V and two grounds. The main ATX, the 8-pin EPS12V and the 4-pin ATX12V connectors are all fixed. You can almost see the two PCI-e connectors underneath the fixed cables. These provide three 12V leads and three grounds each.

Seasonic M12 Cables

Here we see the fixed ATX, 8-pin and 4-pin cables. As we can see, the sleeving is very nice. I would have sleeved them to the ends, but this is still a very nice sleeving job.