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Review Submissions

The JonnyGURU.com review staff is capable of reviewing various products. If you would like to submit an item for review to JonnyGURU.com, you may do so by contacting our Review Department. Please note that the following rules apply to our review items.

  • Unless an item has been discussed prior to the submission process, we will consider that all items are provided to JonnyGURU.com in good will, at no charge, as a review sample. Any and all items needing special circumstances must be brought to our attention before it is processed.
  • Terms for JonnyGURU.com to receive the review item will be decided at the time of the arrangement based on the specific product.
  • We make every effort to publish our reviews in a timely manor. We do not promise a set publish date due to the amount of testing that takes place. If your product needs special treatment, it must be addressed with our Review Department before hand.
  • JonnyGURU.com or its reviewers are not liable for any costs to receive a review sample. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the supplier.
  • All submitted items submitted to JonnyGURU.com will be reviewed on a first come first severed basis, unless otherwise discussed.
  • We will not give a false-positive or a complimentary review to any item submitted to JonnyGURU.com.
  • In the event that a review item fails. We will contact the supplier to resolve the issue. If a second item fails we will proceed with the review accordingly. If a supplier requests a failed unit be returned, the supplier is required to provide the appropriate paper work and handle the needed shipping requirements.