EVGA 450BT 450W...
Now that the end of November fast approaches, a lot of people will be gearing up to build new computers for the holiday season. Some of these people might be looking for affordable, decent quality power supplies, and will be wondering if perhaps the EVGA 450BT 80 Plus Bronze unit might just be good enough to get the job done. Let's find out right now, shall we?
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EVGA 750N1 750W...
Sometimes, it's good to look at power supplies on the lower end of a company's product range. Such is the case here today as we take a good hard look at something clear at the bottom end of EVGA's lineup, known as the N1 series. I have the 750W model in front of me, bought brand new off a store shelf, and we're going to see just what it can do. This is a unit so far down in the bargain bin that it doesn't even bear 80 Plus certification. Let's see what happens.
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Corsair SF600 Platinum...
A couple years ago, Corsair came to us with their then new SF600 80 Plus Gold unit and told us they would like to rule the SFX market. We quickly discovered they had good reason to be optimistic. But times have changed, and things rarely stand still in this business. Corsair's now added to their SFX units and would like us to make sure things are still good. Folks, meet the Platinum version of the SF600: it's promising big things, and it wants your money.
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Azusa, CA – November 5, 2018

Effective 01 December 2018, Sea Sonic USA is to increase the MSRP for all power supplies manufactured in China and destined for the US market. This is the result of recent market developments, but all orders placed prior to this date shall follow current pricing.

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NZXT E850 850W Power Supply Review

Based off the excellent Seasonic FOCUS Plus 850 Gold 850W, the NZXT E850 850W delivers excellent performance along with real time digital monitoring capabilities, where you can conveniently see how your power supply is performing and play around with the fan profile to your liking. @ APH Networks

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DREVO BladeMaster TE Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard sales are on the rise lately so as expected many both well established and rather new gaming peripheral manufacturers have launched their very own models lately in an effort to try and get a piece of the pie. Now although i never owned a tenkeyless gaming keyboard nor did we ever used one in the lab (aside of course the ones we test/review) it's a fact that there are many people out there who may not have enough space on their desks for regular sized keyboards (some may never even use the numeric keypad so that could also be a reason as to why they'd choose a tenkeyless model) or who may prefer a shorter distance between the keyboard and the mouse. @ NikKTech

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 256GB Solid State Drive Review

The crowded and competitive SSD market means the Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 256GB is a decent option, but not necessarily an outstanding choice
in a sea of equally or more desirable products. @ APH Networks

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Das Keyboard 5Q

Das Keyboard, known for high quality classic design mechanical keyboards, takes a giant leap forward the technology train by introducing cloud-connected Q-series keyboards. The Das Keyboard 5Q allows for internet-based monitoring and control of your life, while also ticking the feature list of RGB backlighting, an exclusive switch, and software driver support. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Review

The Corsair H115i Platinum RGB boasts a revised CPU block with 16 individually addressable LED lights, as opposed to the single selectable colour on the H115i Pro RGB. Along with the revised lighting is a larger cold plate for better thermal conductivity and performance overall as well as an improved radiator core for larger surface area. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Review

The H100i RGB Platinum adds to the previous iteration in several ways, including a more pronounced presence of RGB lighting, with multi-zone LED lighting on the pump housing, with 16 individual LEDs, as well as ML120 RGB fans on the radiator. We also see an improved radiator core and copper cold plate which increases surface area and therefore performance. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

CORSAIR Hydro H100i Platinum RGB Extreme Performance AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

The award winning Hydro Series of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers by CORSAIR is back this time with high-performance RGB magnetic levitation fans and 16 multi-zone RGB LEDs located at the top of the pump. @ NikKTech

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Sea Sonic Adds Wooting Analog Keyboards to its American and European product line-up

Taipei, Taiwan – November 1, 2018 – Sea Sonic, a world leader in PC and industrial
power supply design and manufacturing, announces exclusive sales and distribution
cooperation with Wooting, the company behind the world’s first and most advanced
analogue mechanical keyboard for the PC gaming market.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Corsair Hydro Series H115i Platinum

Corsair once again looks to take the closed-loop cooler crown with the new Hydro Series H115i Platinum. Sporting RGB ML series fans, a larger 280 mm radiator, and an improved mounting system, it received a slew of updates which translate into a solid performer that not only gets the job done, but looks the part as well. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

CORSAIR Launches New Hydro Series H100i and H115i RGB PLATINUM Liquid CPU Coolers

FREMONT, CA, November 1st, 2018 CORSAIR®, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today launched the latest in its line of best-selling Hydro Series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, the CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM and CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM. The new pair of coolers take the Hydro Series to new heights in both cooling performance and dazzling RGB lighting across both the fans and pump head.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z 8 GB

The MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z comes at NVIDIA Founders Edition pricing of $600, yet beats that card in every regard. The cooler is whisper quiet, even during heavy gaming sessions; and when not loaded, the fans turn off completely, thanks to the idle-fan-stop feature. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

SeaSonic Reveals Increased Prices for Products Due to Tariffs

eTeknix reported today that SeaSonic CEO Vincent Chang sent out a press release regarding the new price structure for their PSUs. With the US engaged in a tradewar with China, tariffs are put in place on some goods coming in manufactured there.

Read more at eTeknix:  https://www.eteknix.com/seasonic-reveals-increased-prices-for-products-due-to-tariffs/

@ eTeknix

Permalink (Author: jonny - On Mon, Nov-05-2018)

Internal struggles at Tom's Hardware go public

Tom's Hardware has changed in the Avram Piltch era. In recent months, some veteran staff have jumped ship and many others are desperately looking for a life raft before the full implementation of Tom's Hardware 2.0, a Google SEO driven site. These sites, like Tom's Guide, don't break new stories but rather identify trending topics and then quickly build content to match. Purch has an internal team scrubbing the internet each day that assigns stories to different teams inside the company.   

The Tom's Hardware 2.0 formula has not sat well with veteran journalists and editors that continued the twenty-two year legacy of Tom Pabst. 

@ TweakTown

Permalink (Author: jonny - On Tue, Aug-28-2018)

FSP’s SFX Dagger PSUs Powering Compact Enthusiast PC Builds

80Plus Gold-Rated 500W/600W Power Supplies for SFF Gaming Computers

1st March, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan – FSP, the performance power specialist, is eager to announce its Dagger Series SFX power supplies. Available in 500W and 600W models, these PSUs offer PC builders high-wattage, high-performance options for small form factor (compact-sized) builds.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, Mar-29-2017)

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